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Six Trump campaign aides in Tulsa test positive for coronavirus ahead of rally 


People (?) wait in downtown Tulsa, Oklahoma, to enter President Donald Trump's campaign rally. Photo / AP


Supporters of President Donald Trump were filling streets Saturday around the Tulsa stadium where the president will hold his first rally in months, ready to welcome him back to the campaign trail despite warnings from health officials about the coronavirus and six of his staffers reportedly testing positive.

The six staff members were helping set up for the rally.

Tim Murtaugh, communications director for the Trump campaign, said the six staffers were a small fraction of the hundreds of tested performed and "quarantine procedures were immediately implemented".   {So no testing needed, virus no problem. Oh hang on, it's some of ours, emergency!  emergency!}

"No Covid-positive staffers or anyone in immediate contact will be at today's rally or near attendees or elected officials," Murtaugh said in a statement. "As previously announced, all rally attendees are given temperature checks before going through security, at which point they are given wristbands, facemasks and hand sanitizer."




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Judge clears John Bolton's tell-all about Donald Trump for publication

One of Donald Trump's former top advisors has defeated the US government's last-ditch bid to delay the publication of a tell-all memoir that paints an unflattering portrait of the president.

US District Judge Royce Lamberth has rejected the Justice Department's attempt to block the publication of former national security adviser John Bolton's book on national security ground.

It paves the way for "The Room Where It Happened: A White House Memoir" to go on sale June 23.

The book describes Trump as ignorant of basic foreign policy facts and motivated largely by political self-interest.

In his judgment, Lamberth wrote: "Bolton has gambled with the national security of the United States."

"He has exposed his country to harm and himself to civil (and potentially criminal) liability. But these facts do not control the motion before the court. The government has failed to establish that an injunction will prevent irreparable harm."

This week, the Justice Department sued Bolton for breach of contract, claiming he had pulled out of the prepublication review process he agreed to when he got his security clearance.

The next day, the government escalated its response, seeking an injunction to stop the book's publication, even though detailed excerpts were already appearing in major newspapers and some 200,000 copies had been shipped to retailers.

Bolton argued the government was stalling on the review to ensure it didn't come out before November and hurt the president's chances at re-election.

The former NSA adviser also said the publication is protected under the US' First Amendment, which protects freedom of speech.

The Justice Department sued Bolton for breach of contract, claiming he pulled out of a prepublication review process.

According to reviews and published excerpts, Bolton's book paints an unflattering portrait of the White House, describing Trump as ignorant of basic foreign policy facts and motivated largely by political self-interest.

In one passage that has been widely reported, Bolton wrote Trump urged Chinese president Xi Jinping to buy agricultural products from the US because it would help the Trump campaign build political support in rural states.

The prepublication review process began about six months ago, when Bolton submitted an early draft to Ellen Knight, an official on the National Security Council, according to the government's initial lawsuit.

After several rounds of edits, Knight concluded in April that the book no longer contained classified information, the complaint said.

But in May, Michael Ellis, a senior NSC official, reopened the review process.

Bolton claims Trump urged Chinese president Xi Jinping to buy products from the US to help his re-election campaign.

Ellis, who purportedly discovered classified material late in the pre-publication review process, didn't have training on how to identify such material until June, according to Bolton.

Bolton's move to go ahead with publishing the book was an "unprecedented decision by an author to submit a manuscript for pre-publication revue but then to bail out of that process before it's completed", government lawyer David Morrell argued.

"There is a massive interest that the government has here in ensuring that authors who become disgruntled and don't like the process aren't able to just bail out."

Under questioning from the judge, Morrell said he wasn't aware if the president had personally directed intelligence officials to designate any material from the book as classified.

"There are certain passages in this book that will damage the national security of the United States," Morrell said.

"These NDAs aren't just bureaucratic contrivances. They serve an important function," he said, referring to a non-disclosure agreement Bolton signed.

All week, however, legal experts dismissed the possibility that the White House could stop the book's publication, citing the Pentagon Papers case, in which the Supreme Court rejected a similar request from President Richard Nixon.




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12 hours ago, Coss said:
19 hours ago, Coss said:

And even though he doesn't know it yet - 

Geoffrey Berman is leaving his post as U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York, and President Donald Trump intends to nominate Securities and Exchange Commission Chairman Jay Clayton to replace him, Attorney General William Barr said on Friday.

While the Senate considers Clayton's nomination, Trump has appointed Craig Carpenito, currently the U.S. attorney for the District of New Jersey, to serve as the acting U.S. attorney for the Southern District of New York, Barr said in a statement

Ah haha 55555

In a fast-escalating crisis Friday night, Attorney General William Barr tried to oust Geoffrey Berman, the powerful US attorney for the Southern District of New York who has investigated a number of associates of President Donald Trump, but Berman defied him by refusing to step down.

In an extraordinary statement sent roughly an hour after Barr said Berman was set to leave the office, Berman said he had learned of his purported exit from a press release.

"I have not resigned, and have no intention of resigning, my position, to which I was appointed by the Judges of the United States District Court for the Southern District of New York. I will step down when a presidentially appointed nominee is confirmed by the Senate," Berman said. "Until then, our investigations will move forward without delay or interruption."

The standoff opens up a fresh crisis at the Justice Department, places the leadership of the most prominent federal prosecutors office outside Washington in a precarious position and again raises questions about Barr's willingness to steer the department to suit Trump's political agenda. 

Berman's rebuttal came about an hour after the Department of Justice announced Trump intends to nominate Jay Clayton, the chairman of the Securities and Exchange Commission, who has never been a prosecutor.


Fucked that one up, eh Donald?

AND ON IT GOES--- https://www.msn.com/en-us/news/politics/trump-fires-manhattan-prosecutor-who-refused-to-quit-barr-says/ar-BB15LxxB

President Donald Trump has fired the top federal prosecutor in Manhattan, according to Attorney General Bill Barr, who announced the move in a letter sent Saturday afternoon. Trump, meanwhile, told reporters that Berman’s fate is up to Barr, and that he is “not involved.” 

Barr’s letter saying Trump had fired U.S. Attorney Geoffrey Berman came after an extraordinary series of events late on Friday, when the attorney general released a statement saying Berman was “stepping down” from his role and that Trump would nominate the current head of the Securities and Exchange Commission to run the Southern District of New York. Berman then issued a statement saying he had no plans to step down voluntarily.

“I was surprised and quite disappointed by the press statement you released last night,” Barr wrote in Saturday’s letter. “As we discussed, I wanted the opportunity to choose a distinguished New York lawyer, Jay Clayton, to nominate as United States Attorney and was hoping for your cooperation to facilitate a smooth transition.”

“Unfortunately, with your statement of last night, you have chosen public spectacle over public service,” Barr continued. “Because you have declared that you have no intention of resigning, I have asked the president to remove you as of today, and he has done so.”

Barr wrote that Berman’s top deputy, Audrey Strauss, will take over as temporary head of the office “until a permanent successor is in place.” Barr’s statement last night, however, said New Jersey U.S. Attorney Craig Carpenito would take over the office. 

White House officials have not responded to requests for comment on the unusual showdown between the attorney general and Berman, whose office has a long tradition of relative independence from Justice Department headquarters in Washington. 

Barr and Berman have long had an adversarial relationship, but Friday night’s bungled ouster attempt still stunned longtime DOJ observers. Berman’s office handled a number of investigations and prosecutions linked to Trump and his associates, including the case against Trump’s ex-consigliere Michael Cohen and investigations that scrutinized the president’s personal attorney Rudy Giuliani and his inaugural committee. 

Recently, the office made international news for sparring with Prince Andrew in an effort to secure the British royal’s testimony for an investigation involving the activities of deceased pedophile Jeffrey Epstein.

Strauss’s installation will likely shield the department from allegations that DOJ headquarters fired Berman in hopes of immediately installing a political lackey or to shut down ongoing investigations. Public records show she has made political contributions to both Republicans and Democrats over the years, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. She worked in the Southern District for a stint from 1976 to 1983, according to her official bio, and also worked for the independent counsel who investigated the Iran Contra scandal.

Berman was seen heading into the SDNY offices on Saturday, telling reporters he had nothing to say beyond Friday’s statement, in which he vowed to continue the office’s current probes and said he would leave only when a permanent replacement was confirmed by the Senate.

Berman’s ouster comes days after a forthcoming memoir by former national security adviser John Bolton claimed that Trump once sought to remove prosecutors at the Southern District at the behest of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan.

Trump made the commitment during a summer 2019 phone call with the Turkish strongman, who had asked the U.S. president to lean on the Justice Department to drop its prosecution of Halkbank, a Turkish bank accused of violating U.S. sanctions against Iran.

"Of course, this was all nonsense," Bolton wrote, "since the prosecutors were career Justice Department employees, who would have proceeded the same way if the Halkbank investigation started in the eighth year of Trump's presidency rather than the eighth year of Obama's." 

Halkbank, which stands accused of laundering billions for the sanctioned Iranian regime, pleaded not guilty in March following a federal indictment.

Democrats have decried Berman’s removal, denouncing the move as a blow to the rule of law. Rep. Jarrold Nadler (D-N.Y.) on Friday invited the ousted U.S. Attorney to testify before the House Judiciary Committee, which he chairs.

But as of Saturday, it was not clear how Berman planned to respond to Barr’s latest statement; legal scholars noted that the fact that he was appointed by judges rather than by the president himself likely means that only the president could remove him. That was the conclusion of a 1979 memo from the Justice Department’s Office of Legal Counsel. White House spokespersons did not immediately respond to a request for comment on Barr’s letter.


{So Barr says Trump fired the guy, Trumps says nothing to do with me...}


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6 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

I'd like to know one true ally America has left? I can actually think of maybe 1 or 2 but I will leave this for our esteemed colleague. 

I submit that the "allies" that you allege the USA lost were shitty allies and good to be away from them!


you think it is OK for the USA "allies" to continue to suck the USA tit while actually contributing zero!

No need for you to reply with your social engineering, globalist slop...

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58 minutes ago, chocolat steve said:

Again, my question wasn't answered but deflected. Just a simple question. 

Answer your question for what? You will only deny and deflect back to your social engineering and socialist (communist) propaganda. Any answer you always refuse to accept just like you refuse to get educated and gather data and truth that doesn't fit your anti-American narrative.

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How's this for social engineering?

Donald Trump has blamed the poor numbers at his much-hyped re-election rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma today on protesters, who his team say prevented his supporters from showing up.

The US President and his team spent the last week raising expectations for a massive crowd at the event, which is the first political rally Mr Trump has been able to hold since the coronavirus pandemic forced him to cancel a number of planned rallies.

Mr Trump claimed almost a million people had requested tickets. His campaign even constructed a stage outside the arena, with plans for the President to give a second speech to people who were unable to make it inside.

"We've never had an empty seat, and we certainly won't in Oklahoma," Mr Trump promised midweek.












Count the empty seats Cav.


Arena holds 19,000

less, staff and helpers.

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