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33 minutes ago, chocolat steve said:

What's tRump's issue with NZ? My guess is he's lurking this site and have read Coss' "attacks" on Cav and tRump is defending his support. 

Because it is ruled by a female subject, a woman. And maybe he thinks she is coloured because sonebody told him about Maoris. Don´t forget he is mentally sick.

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This video sums the gaslighting Republicans are doing over mail in ballots. I would say its the biggest crock of shit they have come up with but it isn't. Polling is a fairly exact science at the local level. Rarely any surprises. Statewide, nationally, yes it can be off but the closer and smaller you go the more exact polling is. Republicans clinging to straws point out to a vote in Patterson NJ were ballots were found uncounted. This proves THE SYSTEM WORKS. The local election committee noticed a discrepancy the SAME DAY. It's noteworthy in that its so rare. Also, both parties have people at polling stations, etc, These are local people who know the voting patterns. 

If an area is Democrat and it goes Republican or visa versa, warning bells go off obviously. Close elections are monitored 'closely' for lack of a better word. Even in very heavily democratic areas, Republican officials watch there for more than the expected number of votes. It is very, very difficult to pull off a fraudulent election and flip it for your side. Very. And for tRump to be defrauded it has to happen on a grand scale in a battleground state. Those states especially are watched by everyone, the press, both parties, independent groups looking at exit polling. 

That's why the Republicans have to throw an election by denying people to vote (purging registered voters off voting rolls, etc.) because they can't do it at the actual polling station. This is a set up for if tRump loses he can spin it as he was robbed because he's a sore loser. Hillary was also a sore loser. Yes, there were outside interference from Russian bots but it was not enough for her to lose the election. She ran a poor campaign. She didn't even visit a couple swing states. Utterly stupid. She also didn't use the polling people Obama had, they were excellent. They knew how to mine votes out of districts but she didn't because she wanted to distance herself from Obama's  shadow. It was a winnable election and she found a way to lose it. 

Finally, and I think I mentioned this in a prior post but it bared repeating. The Post Office is a service. Its not a business. Just like in EVERY country, its not a for profit business and the Republicans try to gaslight it as one so they can defund it. And the Dems are too stupid to call them on it. The post office is one of the very few things mandated in the constitution. So, the founders mandated a business? Of course not. The post office is no different than any government function. A needed function and the 60 billion net is not a loss. Its actually a damn good price tag. America has 20 trillion in GDP. The post office serves 350 million people in multiple time zones and the amount of business it helps grease bring seller to consumer is invaluable.  A huge chunk of the 20 trillion GDP is directly due to the post office. 60 billion net expenditure is a fantastic value considering the economy would be at a standstill without it. it's also one of the few government functions that can help pay for itself. Its not supposed to pay for itself totally. Never intended for that and the Republicans lie their asses off trying to gaslight (successfully I might add) Americans believing it is. The post office is no different than the national parks, military, etc as a government function. 


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6 hours ago, buffalo_bill said:

Democratically elected President Trump of the United States declared yesterday that NZ suffers from a TERRIBLE increase in Covid19 infections. 9 cases to be precise. The US counted 35112 . TREMENDOUS number, best one EVER.

Yes I saw that and followed it up to see what he was on about - these are his words - 

 "they were holding up names of countries and now they're saying 'whoops'." "Even New Zealand, did you see what's going on in New Zealand? 'They beat it, they beat it.' It was like front page, they beat it, because they wanted to show me something," he added. "The problem is, big surge in New Zealand ... it's terrible."

I can just picture, his briefings, a procession of blondes, holding up graphs, letting a boob slip out of their décolletage and brightly saying "Whoops!" before kicking their heels up, as they make room for the next one.

I also saw a News Anchor saying, that when they want to cheer up Trump, they bring a big rig around to the Whitehouse and let him sit in the driver's seat, he likes this apparently.

This is Cav's preferred scrotum, to adore.


7 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

What's tRump's issue with NZ?

ignorance, he will be told things like "New Zealand, population 5 Million" and he'd say "Losers I've got small debts bigger than than , Winning!"

4 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

The irony being a lot of America's super wealthy are moving to NZ. Coss may not get a visa to America. 

I think I've said, been to San Francisco once,  I was so unimpressed by the border personel (ignorant), that I'll not visit again.

And the rich 'mericans won't find their, feckless, plastic, pretend high society, adoration, down here, here they're just Yanks with a wanky attitude.


Also the start of the Dem convention went well apparently, prominent Republicans appearing at it, to promote the Dem Candidate.  Who'd a thunk?





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I think that maybe the reasons, Putin hasn't released the Kompromat, are that, it's no longer useful as a blackmail tool if it's public and that even Putin, has a sense of dignity when addressing the office of another country's leadership.

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Q: Senate is controlled by Republicans yes?


Trump's 2016 campaign chair was a 'grave counterintelligence threat,' had contact with Russian intelligence, Senate panel finds


...Paul Manafort worked with a Russian intelligence officer "on narratives that sought to undermine evidence that Russia interfered in the 2016 US election," including the idea that purported Ukrainian election interference was of greater concern.

It found that a Russian lawyer who met with Manafort, along with the president's son, Donald Trump Jr, and his son-in-law Jared Kushner at Trump Tower in 2016, had "significant connections" to the Kremlin...

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These two Gone With The Wind extras are hilarious. Translation: we lost a platform for revenue and we are broke. Selling out your own community isn't paying as it should. These two mascots for extreme right wing hate groups actually took money to support white nationalist congressman Steve King. The same Steve King who the Republicans removed from all committees because he was honest enough to say why is there a problem with white supremacy. 


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