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Rush Limbaugh promotes sexist ‘Joe and the Hoe’ stories, including allegations Kamala Harris was an ‘escort’

LOL....Trump and Rump...how about the Pisser and the Kisser? haha...how about The Apprentice and the Rent This? I got more..How about Lifestyles of the Rich and Anus? 

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What I'm hoping, is that as this continues, it gets more entertaining.

Remember back when, every day, brought a new travesty, that we couldn't believe had come from the POTUS?

Well I think, that they do save the best until last and that, if it's one thing Donald is good at, it's something much, much, worse, than the one before.

because ::

better ratings....

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It gets better ! Thank you Donald!

from the Republican controlled senate,  report.

... At the same time, it dove into one of the main subjects of the dossier — whether the Russian government has compromising material on Mr. Trump from his past business dealings in Moscow. The report explicitly said it “did not establish” that the Russian government obtained any compromising material on Mr. Trump or that it tried to use such materials as leverage against him.

It did, however, spend pages describing Mr. Trump’s relationships with women in Moscow during his trips there starting in the mid-1990s, when he began looking for sites to build a Trump Tower. Mr. Deere, the White House spokesman, did not comment on those details in the report.

According to the report, Mr. Trump met a former Miss Moscow at a party during one trip in 1996. After the party, a Trump associate told others he had seen Mr. Trump with the woman on multiple occasions and that they “might have had a brief romantic relationship.”

The report also raised the possibility that, during that trip, Mr. Trump spent the night with two young women who joined him the next morning at a business meeting with the mayor of Moscow.




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coverups! the lying, fake media spins their BS...

Mere Hours After Announcement, WaPo Scrambles To Claim Harris Didn't Actually Call Biden Racist

The high-water mark of California Sen. Kamala Harris’ run for the presidency came not from a moment of soaring rhetoric or a surprising electoral victory.

It came from attacking Joe Biden on racial issues.

It all went downhill from there — but thankfully, because that attack covers over some of Biden’s potential issues with minorities and because of the fact she didn’t come with the baggage that the other finalists did, the deus ex machina of the running mate slot proves it wasn’t all a loss.


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