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Alex has a set of balls! Go Alex, go!!!


Texans to Launch ‘Citizen Filibuster’ Over TSA Groping




Texans outraged by repeated attempts on behalf of state representatives working in consort with the federal government to kill legislation that would ban invasive TSA groping are set to launch a ‘citizen filibuster’ that seeks to pressure public servants into following the will of the people.


Despite the fact that the anti-groping legislation in Texas passed the House unanimously last month and also looked set to sail through the Senate, [color:red]repeated dirty tricks[/color] by the likes of [color:red]Speaker Joe Straus[/color] and [color:red]Lt. Gov. David Dewhurst[/color] have sabotaged a bill that merely seeks to reinforce laws already codified in the Fourth Amendment...


Always remember its OUR government. They aren't some independent body we collectively have no voice or control over.


Furthermore there is NOTHING unconstitutional about limiting what the TSA does. I would contend that they are the ones in violation of OUR civil liberties.


We have collectively been mind f*cked to believe that they can do things like this and its their right to.

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Now wait for the 'liberal media' to start calling anybody who complains a kook/terrorist.


As as I understand all major intrusions into individual freedom (Patriot Act, Homeland Security, e.g./ except gun laws) are GOP inventions during GWB's reign.

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