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So basically, Coss, one can't use excuses for supporting Trump with any proven, factual data like the economy, etc., its much deeper than that. Its support DESPITE the fuck ups. I 100 percent guarantee you if we had a crash he'd still be supported. The 'excuse' will be generalizations: "He says what's on his mind"...."He tells it like it is"..."He gives it to the liberals"...opinions without substance. It can't be party loyalty. Many, many Republicans have come out against him. All the major Republicans who support him now in Congress spoke out against while he was a candidate. There are Republicans endorsing Biden of all people. There are Republicans who are putting out ads portraying Trump as bad for America. 

We just have to accept that his core support is not supporting him for traditional reasons one supports a candidate. Therefore, there is no reasoned debate. There is no discussion since it will not be based on facts and it will not have a moral or ethical basis to it. 

Here is the scary part and why America is done. They also believe the same about the left. That there is no reasoned debate, etc. Fox News is describing Biden as some far left, AOC surrogate. WTF? Now, if anyone looks Democratic party, they are having trouble getting progressives in the Sanders/AOC sphere of things to vote. They don't like Biden one bit. Why? He's a centrist and right of center on a variety of things. But what makes Trump's hard core support's mind rest easy they are right is they have told themselves he is. 

The far left has some things I will never agree to. They have no power, but they are tolerated which is almost as bad. However, the right media paints it as they are the Democratic party. On the local level is where you see some of the more outrageous things such as proposed bill in California  that essentially decriminalizes forms of pedophilia. This bill basically lowers the legal repercussions if the underage victim is within 10 years of the assailants age. It is completely insane. Technically a 23 year old who has sex with a 14 year old will have less legal consequences https://www.google.com/search?q=sb+145&rlz=1C1CHBD_enSA825SA825&oq=SB&aqs=chrome.0.69i59j69i57j46j0l3j46j0.994j0j15&sourceid=chrome&ie=UTF-8

It is one example. This would never, ever ever be part of a Democratic platform and such a person would have no say. But the right, extends local things to the national party. The right ion the local  level  does some things that would never be accepted nationally. Open carry, in my opinion is completely insane. I had a gun at one time, and I support the right to defend yourself with a fire arm with America being as dangerous as it is. That may not be popular but we aren't Norway or Lichtenstein. That said, allowing people to walk around with guns with the fact that there are all kinds of agressions each day, someone cuts in line, someone cuts you off the highway, etc, I've seen loud, shouting, face to face interactions between people over the smallest thing. People are tightly wound and to throw guns at the ready in that mix, to me is completely insane. We train police for months with a batter of tests to know how to use a fire arm in public properly but will let a person 21 be in the same public space as a cop as long as he has no felonies and a clear criminal background. Insane. 

Anyway, those are just 2 examples. 

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LOL...1.  I didn't bring up Candace Owens. 2. Race is topical in America right now, and I'm not the only one posting on it. 3. Your opinion. I never said the N word you are (gladly misspelled as a country in Africa) using it on this forum. Shows how you feel about race.  

4. And this is the most important. Try actually using  facts and reasoned debate. Generalizations and vapid opinions show you have no counter argument so go to the old and tired 'personal attack'. Thanks for proving my point. 


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10 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Obama was poor? In what context? Name all the presidents overall better than Obama in the last 50 years? 

Agree that Biden is not a great choice. You are being a bit hyperbolic on his mental capabilities. But be that as it may, okay, Biden is not a great candidate, who is better and why? 


What you said :)

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Trump Nobel Peace Prize nomination - what you need to know

A far-right Norwegian politician has put Mr Trump's name forward for the 2021 prize, citing the president's role in the recent peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates.

Christian Tybring-Gjedde told Fox News on Wednesday: "For his merit, I think he has done more trying to create peace between nations than most other peace prize nominees."...


WOW...unlike Obummer....President Trump has actually worked to make peace happen!!!

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Sorry Cav, so what? The prize is out of Sweden for once and this guy is some obscure politician. Unlike the Republicans and Fox News trying to get him one. No one campaigns for the Nobel Peace prize. Trump was advocating for his own peace prize at one time. One of Santa Claus' global who has been naughty list of reasons why he shouldn't. 

May not be the best post to put on here unless one is trying to get a chuckle to bring some levity to the forum. 

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