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On 9/16/2020 at 1:34 AM, chocolat steve said:

If I were Biden's team, I wouldn't debate. For obvious reasons and perhaps some not so obvious. If I were Trump's team (cough...spit..) I would be pushing for it...hard. Not because Trump is a great debater, but he'll make a circus of it which will help his numbers. 

Trump's best bet is to be just as crass and rude as he's always been. Its got him this far. The best way to combat him I think is to know your facts and call out his lies and say we can fact check right now. "Either you are lying or uninformed, which one is it?".  

The Dems need sort of a left version of Trump without the outright lies. Quick witted, irreverent and a good command of the facts.  There is not much of a middle. I've said this before. There are very few who 'can't decide between the two'. The goal of the Dems is to get their people out to vote in the swing states. It won't matter how many Republicans turn up if Dem voters come out. Republicans will get the vote out. their people will show up greater percentages. The goal I would think is to do what it can to keep as many Dems home as possible. 

You got that right1

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But, it was Biden that was the first to interrupt POTUS Trump and then Wallace that was 'fact checking' Trump. These were the 1st violations of their standing rules....
So Wallace expected Trump to NOT respond???

Chris Wallace blames Trump for chaotic debate: He 'bears the primary responsibility'

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1 hour ago, cavanami said:

Biden that was the first to interrupt POTUS


While estimates vary, it looks as though the candidates interrupted each other or Wallace at least 90 times in 90 minutes, with Trump leading the way with 71 interruptions (other estimates show Trump interrupting approximately 128 times). 




There' y'go Cav...

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