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President Trump tweets that he will be leaving the hospital at 6:30 p.m. ET: "Don’t be afraid of Covid. Don’t let it dominate your life."

Approx 3 hrs until the next spectacle...

So it looks like they'll want to let him recover/die at the WhiteHouse.

Meanwhile White House press secretary Kayleigh McEnany tests positive for Covid-19, as do two of her "deputies"...

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Watching live footage of Trump's hospital, he's not yet returning to the WhiteHouse at 6:30pm ET, there's a cavalcade all lined up and ready to go, but the Helicopter is not yet fired up, blades are still.

Apparently he's been wandering around the hospital, un-masked, talking to the other patients, whether they want it or not. Presumably they are in the hospital for non Covid reasons, ...yet.

Got to go, no action on his transfer to the WhiteHouse...

Hang on there he goes,  walking masked, 4 words "Thank you very much" and quickly, almost leapt/fell into the van. Adderall right hand flitting about, couldn't keep it still.

Short drive to the helicopter 2 minutes before he got out and entered the helicopter. Vans are leaving...

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So he's managed to walk up to the WhiteHouse and he's done a Mussolini moment, took off his mask, saluted to the ? ...who knows... looked like he's struggling to just stand there, was rocked a couple of baby steps back,  by the wind, people are talking about "Unhinged"

So wears a mask in the open air, takes it off to go inside and shout at people...


Bearing in mind that he's jacked up on Steroids and still infectious...

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Me thinks President Trump was very tired and needed to rest...out of the hospital in three days! Buzz is that he had been taking the hydroxychloroquine, thus the reason of why the short hospital stay as this is how hydroxychloroquine to quickly kill off the covid if you should happen to be stricken with the unwanted Chinese virus!!!

Yahoo News

'Don't be afraid of it,' Trump says of COVID-19 after leaving hospital

President Trump was discharged from Walter Reed National Military Medical Center on Monday evening to return to the White House, three days after being admitted to the hospital for treatment of complications from COVID-19.

“I learned so much about coronavirus,” Trump said in a video posted to Twitter that he filmed at the White House upon his arrival, “And one thing that’s for certain: don’t let it dominate you. Don’t be afraid of it. You’re going to beat it.”

As of Monday night, at least 210,117 Americans have been killed by COVID-19, many of whom did not receive near the same level of medical care that the president received at Walter Reed.

“Don’t let it dominate you,” Trump said in the video. “Don’t let it take over your lives.”...


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Dear Mr Cavanami,  

it is with some humbleness, that I tender the following:  If it is within your power and influence, could you please pass on the below message, perhaps via shirtless/leatherjacket boy, to your dear friend Donald?  


Dear Donald,  

Oh you are so smart!  

So absolutely clever!  

Gosh we’re all really impressed down here I can tell you.  

Forgive us Donald, for this our dreadful ignorance.  

But you’re so strong and well just so right!  

Please keep on keeping on and keep doing what you're doing, for it is the only right way and we know that in  the end you will be proven right!  

Yours in awe,



Bubi, do you think that will do it?

Another 4 years of A grade entertainment?



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And this from FOX, with the return of CossComment



So yes it is Obama/Clinton's fault that Trump and Russia were a thing.

Like, if I nail a six inch nail through my hand, with a hammer, it's your fault, because you said I would do so.



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To be honest, I don't understand why you are bashing each other's heads in, why you are discussing with heart and soul who will win the election.
What are the good reasons why one should win and the other should lose.

I don't want to discuss and judge the two candidates, their individual personalities and suitability, their political programs.

The election seems clear:
Biden will win the election - probably quite clearly.

Now I venture a brief look into the medium-term future of the USA:
Biden will not remain president for long; very soon his senile dementia will become so obvious that strong forces in the Democratic Party and also in the media
(CNN, NYT and others) will force Biden to resign. Kamala Harris will then become the first female president of the USA.
She will then - just like Trump - mercilessly realize her left-green-liberal political program.
A few keywords:
* Open borders for poverty immigration from Latin America.
* Restructuring of the American economy to a "green", supposedly environmentally friendly industrial production method.
* Moving away from nuclear energy towards renewable energies.
* An aggressive domestic and cultural policy, which will be mainly directed against the white population; against their alleged racism, against their alleged privileges and advantages

Harris is massively supported and acclaimed by America's intellectual elite and a large part of the mass media.
Those were just a few quick ideas, a spontaneous brainstorming from me. But that's the way it will be.

For a while a narrow majority of Americans will agree with it. But whether it will be enough for Harris to be re-elected, we cannot say.


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