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Chris Christie says "ill advised speech"

Donald said "What happened to the election, it just stopped"

Well he hasn't won, nor Biden, but Trump is fucking it up anyway.

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The following two screen shots I took just now, the first is Fox News, the second is CNN.

Q: which one is fake, if any?

I find it hard to believe, that Fox would report a higher Biden score, than the other Media outlets, maybe they're aware that Trump believes them and are trying to tell him something.





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One seems to be certain now to 4.11.2020 against 22 o'clock CET:
Biden has clearly won the election after all!
Biden has won Wisconsin, in Nevada and Arizona he is ahead.
Trump has no more chance.
I congratulate Mr. Biden on winning the election.

Why was Trump not re-elected, why did he lose?
Let's have a brief brainstorming session:
He is uneducated, has poor judgment, has no psychological empathy, chaotic decision-making style, his decisions are a confused pattern,
an inextricable puzzle, resulting in a certain unpredictability.
He has hardly any political-philosophical basis, has no well thought-out strategy; he does not really think politico-strategically.

Beyond that:
His unteachability and overestimation of himself, his mendacity and baseness. He has many other negative qualities that normally
characterize a deficient person. One had to be constantly ashamed of this man in the White House.

Trump has no chance of turning his defeat into a victory with the help of the courts.

Trump has catapulted himself out of the Oval Office.
He is a victim of his own deficient personality, his deficient, deficient character.

If he had a perfectly normal average personality with a reliable character; if he had been recognizable as an "average American"
in his appearance and actions, he would have won hands down.

Guys, it's as simple as that.

Hamburg, 10 pm - 4.11.2020

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...more demonrat BS....



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He's pretty much right,

As much as I normally think it's garbage coming out of his mouth,

Pollsters fucked up, Biden fucked up, at best Biden will have a hostile Senate.

Markets are up as they love a neutered President, or Trump.

Market loves Trump

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Polling was almost an exact science. Its no longer as accurate. The ending of landlines and smart phones have changed that. Only one demographic has landlines anymore. Also, social media has changed the way people answer polls. Your political views were seen the same as your religion, sexual preference, 40 years ago. Today, its broadcast and there are social ramifications tied to your politics unlike 50 years ago. 


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