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5 hours ago, zzzz said:

My take is that people who voted for Trump tend to be dumb, morally deficient, and/or insane.  There are lot of those around.  You have to remember that half the population have IQs less than 100.

Because of the work I do I am around people with advanced degrees. So, the trump supporters i know and these are very zealous supporters have master's degrees. You are right there are many who are under educated but many, many of them are not. 

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Those smart/normal people who voted for Trump tend to be morally deficient in my opinion.  My guess is that a large fraction of the population can be considered immoral, and a small fraction considered insane.  When you add up the dummies, the morally deficient, and the crazies, you can get the tens of millions who voted for Trump

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I believe the Republicans in its present incarnation, save a few (Lincoln Project) are a viable threat to the America we believe in. The Democrats are what many if not most political parties are. Often corrupt, inept, disengaged, does some good, either by design or the circumstances they had no say in but were n power at the time ('90s tech boom). But they have a line and they will not cross it (Gore conceding and supporting Bush in 2000 as an example). 

The Republican masses are fully on board with pre 1989 eastern European style authoritarianism and will call it a great Republic. they are okay with tearing the society, government, etc down an rebuilding it all in a way they maintain perpetual power. America is done. You can't have 70 million of 150 million voters think that way and be a viable Republic. Its impossible. 

You can't reason with a party and a people where they GAINED seats in the House, maintained control of the Senate on the SAME FUCKING BALLOT they claim Trump was cheated on. Its illogical, it defies reason and its utterly insane. So, the opposition party rigged the presidency but not the elections down ballot a where they lost power? 

Folks this is what we are dealing with. 

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1 hour ago, buffalo_bill said:

Trump´s troops are disintegrating, now slowly but it will increase. Trump obviously plans to see Rome burning to make it difficult for Biden to take over. He should be taken into a clinic with a golfcourse and a McDonalds franchise. image.gif.12f46b38d600314cdedf307125ca7365.gifimage.gif.4ca1739dafbf8a8c2f05c59da9052daa.gifimage.gif.4ca1739dafbf8a8c2f05c59da9052daa.gifimage.gif.12f46b38d600314cdedf307125ca7365.gif

You are a complete moron if you think that China Bidumb will be president.

Maybe Bidumb will donate his Bidumb brain to you so you can increase your negative IQ....

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