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This guy makes a good point, the media had it in for Trump from day one, if he had gotten world peace and ended poverty they would have complained it took him too long. Before he banned china flights to the US they moaned about that, when he did it they called him a racist. He did well to put up with it, who will Yahoo and the rest of them whine about now?


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Agree totally, I was just thinking about this before you posted it.


We in Oz never got to see any news that was positive regarding Trump, even Fox deserted him.


The only thing we saw was he's a nut case and dangerous (which I agree ) BUT to be fair he did have a number fo very good accomplishments that if rarely got a mention was just a few lines buried deep. 


Glad he's gone, but the press really crucified him

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50 minutes ago, My Penis is hungry said:

Understand Steve - However, again that is why I detest Trump, butto be very  honest I have to say the media was constantly crucifying him, especially overseas.

Almost never on policies or what he actually did, always trivial, lies, distortions and yes hate from the so called tolerant liberals. Trump is not a nice person, great Presidents don't have to be.

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5 hours ago, My Penis is hungry said:

to be very  honest I have to say the media was constantly crucifying him, especially overseas.

...and rightfully so. He is DANGEROUS! He had a rare combination of ineptness and danger. Reagan, Clinton, Obama, what ever side of the ideological spectrum you are on, there was a line. I don't know where to start. Could the press have at least acknowledged some positives he did? Sure. For example, I've been on here saying I agree with him on taking on China. And he did it forcefully and publicly. However, he had no plan. He fucked that up as well costing American farmers over a hundred billion dollars. A well thought out plan would have seen that. But he doesn't think that out. He has ADD. 

If you take into just how friggin dangerous he was, it's understandable that his few plusses weren't discussed. He will go down in history as one of if not the worst presidents ever. I'd bet any money on that. George Bush thanks God every night for Trump. 

Mugabe, Qaddafi, Castro, all three derided in America, but I can show you some very, very positive things they did that no one talks about or talked about at the time. It's just how it is with truly horrible leaders. So, it's how 'we' treat them don't we? Their positive accomplishments aren't deemed worth mentioning. Trump is not Hitler obviously or close but he's in the category with him as terrible leaders. So, neo Nazis can say the same about nothing said about Hitler turning around the German economy after the hyper inflation period of the 20s and making them in a short time one of the best economies in the world in record time. If we want to go down that road. 

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4 hours ago, cavanami said:

The US dollar has been sinking and if Bidumb gets to be president, I expect the US dollar to crash big time! Our only hope for the USA is for another four years of President Trump.



Please explain what you mean by "sinking"  and use the following chart to lay out your view. This shows how many USD you get for 1 Euro.


The US debts exploded during the Trump-term because the US do not have sufficient income generated by taxes because taxes are communism. Though a rotten infrastructure means America has become great again. Because the USD is still the "World currency" they can print money to their heart´s content as long as the "World" trusts the US ability to theoretically repay one day. But the"World" does not trust Trump.


Disclaimer: I have no confidence that the average Trump followers understands these mecanics but I try what I can.

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