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What we can gleam from the election. 

1. Republican masses are firmly in Trump's camp. The establishment Republican will not get the party back. It's Trump's party even after the election. He will have the most say in terms of Republican primaries. He will also have a say in votes in the Congress. 

2. Trump received the 2nd most in history. That has to be put in context. The population is the biggest its ever been but even taking that into account, Reagan and Bush's 2nd term which got more electoral votes. The Republican masses are very, very loyal and they came out in numbers despite a bad economy and a pandemic. There  isn't much that will make them turn. They got new voters that came out, they made up for the lost peripheral  voters, numbers wise. 

3. The country is center left. No matter how many Republicans turn out to vote, even at record levels, the Democrats can beat them. The trick  for the Dems is getting people  out. They do that and its over. 

4. Latinos, especially the men, are increasingly voting Republican. Latino is a broad term. Cubans primarily and enough of other  latino/spanish speaking heritage Americans were the deciding votes for Trump to win Florida. This should be a huge worry to Democrats. Despite seeming anti latino and despite Dems openly courting latinos, a third of them went for Trump and that number will grow. The latino vote is regional as well as ethnic. Cubans go Republican in the biggst numbers. Central Americans (Salvadoreans, Hondurans, etc) the least. Mexicans vary depending on the state. Mexicans in Texas are more Republican than their counterpart in California. Mexicans delivered Arizona and Nevada to Biden. 

5. Young black men are leaving the Democratic party in droves. The Dems are praising black women for their vote which has driven a wedge between the black vote. Dems need the black vote to win Wisconsin (about a quarter of the  state's vote is in Milwaukee county), Michigan (Flint, Detroit,  Lansing, any urban center there), Ohio (Cleveland, Cincinnati, Akron, Dayton, etc all urban centers), and Pennsylvania (Philadelphia and Pittsburgh). Young black men are either not voting, or even some voted for Trump as a protest vote. There are about 7 million blacks of foreign descent (Caribbean and Africa) and they are voting Republican in much bigger numbers than the 38 million African Americans. This has got to be a huge concern to Dems. 

6. Dems are losing more of the white woman vote as well. Especially suburban and rural white women. Young urban women are  the opposite. Very very progressive. 

7. The traditional allies, EU, UK, Japan, Oceana, have quietly determined America is no longer a moral leader. Even with the Biden win. Biden is welcomed over Trump but is not a great candidate and with his age and history, they don't see a resurgent America. The fact that so many people voted for Trump and the senate is still Republican is a glaring sign. America's economic/military "enemies" Russia and China see an opportunity and may become more brazen. They sense weakness and will exploit it. America is now firmly viewed as a power on the decline in a variety of ways, economically, politically, morally and to some extent militarily. The American people will be seen as no having the stomach for any large, sustained fight. America's handling of covid19 is also an indication to the rest of the world, primarily the G8 and G20, America can't be looked to for any global crisis and may in some detrimental. For the first time ever the U.S. passport was persona non grata. Countries were open to visitors from even China, the source of the disease but not America. The BLM protests indicates to the world there are deep social rifts within America, racially, generationally, etc. 

8. Ideology means much less to the right than the left. Trump went to the left of Hillary in 2016 on some issues and won. This tells us the right masses are more married to power and the party than they are to issues. The left is more ideologically pure. Progressive left of the Dem party didn't vote for Hillary in numbers and were undecided on Biden. I would even suggest if Trump or a Republican campaigned supporting climate change or medicare for all they could still get Republican masses to vote for him and her as long as they saw the Dems as an existential threat. 


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6 hours ago, Coss said:

I have to say Steve, yes...


’merica,  I’m over it. 

...one more thing Coss. Democrats are corrupt. Mostly inside the party. The ones beholden to big Pharma, Wall Street, etc, will stifle any voice that can not or will not be bought (Sanders, AOC, Ilhan Omar, etc,). It's  not that  they can't be bought, necessarily, as long as they go along with the program. hey won't  So, they are stifled.  Both parties are beholden. Dems are and that is their biggest flaw. They are also politically naive. Not a crime but it underserves their constituency. They also fear the Republicans in much the same manner, we fear the mafia. They will cross lines you aren't willing to nor have the stomach for. 

That said, they have a line. If the Democrat governor of Louisiana and Kansas, both red states typically and solid red in presidential  elections who only go blue in governorship when the Republicans have made so much of a mess, even Republicans want a change (which is the case in both the aforementioned). If both governors engineered to give the electoral votes to Biden in a close election, the Dem party nationally would threaten them. They wouldn't stand for it. This is includes the Democratic masses. 

Conversely, if a Republican governor of a solidly blue state, that went Biden without even being questioned by Trump decided to steal the electoral votes for Trump, openly and brazenly, the Republican masses would excuse it. We already know Trump would. But if such a governor said "Since Pa, Michigan and Wisconsin are stealing votes, we think its only fair, we give our electoral votes to Trump'. A very, very large percentage of those 70 million voters would happily and gleefully go along. 

America is done. Finished. The rule of law, the constitution, the facade of a great and just republic is gone. Nigeria, Argentina, and Thailand could possibly fare better in their elections. 

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