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From a a writer I relate highly - Joe Bennett


OPINION: It ain't over yet. Trump's not finished. He's like the nightmare of folk stories, the revenant, the vampire, that isn't done with until a stake's been driven through its heart.

It isn't that Trump has superhuman qualities. It's that he has subhuman ones. It's his pathetic little psyche. He is it, and it is he, and neither's going to change.

That psyche cannot accept defeat. It literally can't. So when Trump lost the election he had to pretend he didn't. He had no choice. And then he had to try to bend reality to fit the lie. If that meant more lies, fine. If that meant crimes, fine. If that meant inciting a mob to overthrow democracy, fine. Nothing matters except his ego. That's the whole of him.

As power is taken from him, watch out. If he can't have it, no-one else must be allowed to have it. He's the toddler who's losing the board game and kicks the table over. He'll seek to destroy everything on his way out. Because that's who he is.

I've been saying all this for four years now, but I was only quoting the psychologists. And they in turn were only quoting history. History has shown us that there's a type of person, almost always male, who craves power for power's sake, who has no conscience, knows no restraint, is loyal to no-one, requires loyalty from everyone, feigns love for his country but loves only himself. It's a psychosis: malignant narcissism.

Malignant narcissists dot the historical record in every country, every continent – from Pol Pot to Stalin, from Amin to Ceausescu. They present themselves as national saviours. They simplify things and promise the world. They tell people only what they want to hear. They create a cult of dupes and gulls who believe they've found a chosen one who cares for them.

But alongside the dupes and gulls there are always the cynics and opportunists, the fellow-travellers, the ones who can know what's happening, but who go along with it in hope of reward. They're worse than the dupes and gulls because they know what they're doing. And they're cowards. When the tide turns they're the first to run back up the beach.

They're edging away already this lot, the smug and oily senators, the spokespeople, the genuflecting cabinet ministers. But they have shown the world who they are. And they are all complicit.

A few are already getting a degree of come-uppance. The mob that stormed the Capitol went looking for Mike Pence. They wanted to lynch him for betraying the president. Yes, that Mike Pence, the pious Christian and wife's-hand-holder, who's spent the last four years standing mutely at Trump's shoulder, nodding and clapping while Trump told lies. And now the crowd Trump lied to wants to kill him. While you're hiding from the mob, little Mikey, the mob you helped to spawn, try the Book of Hosea, Chapter 8, Verse 7: “For they have sown the wind, and they shall reap the whirlwind.” Good luck.

If the USA wants to survive it will need to take action. It will need to seek out all who have broken its laws, especially the rich, especially the powerful, especially the president, and punish them according to those laws.

Because if they don't, if they brush this off as something that will never happen again, it will happen again. History says so. They must drive that stake.


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2 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

As it stands now. Trump is kingmaker....

You mean he's a convict maker.  He has turned many associates into convicts in the last few years.  His behavior has gotten so bad that people and businesses are dropping him like a hot potato.  Because he is a flight risk and danger to society, he should be locked up at least until they can finish prosecuting him.  A kingmaker??????

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You know the 'insult to...'  jokes ?

i.e. 'to compare the USA to a Banana Republic is an insult to Banana Republics...'

Did Mike Pompeo just make that joke?

“Many prominent people — including journalists and politicians — have likened the United States to a banana republic,” Pompeo tweeted a day after the assault on the Capitol. “The slander reveals a faulty understanding of banana republics and of democracy in America.”

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I hate Trump, I hate the Republicans who enabled him to gain power, interesting they desert him only because they fear loosing power, no morals there at all


That turd that let the people into congress is a cunt


The rioters are cunts


That all said, taking a step back, if Trump was a person far left of Bernie Sander,s which ironically in reality not that hard, and the same things happened to his accounts, and as a far leftist I am not against a call to arms, and if his media access cut off, then I am sure the outcry would be very different


I don't defend Cav's political stances, but I do defend his right to say them, regardless of any corporate laws etc, I am sure China has similar corporate laws which people there use to stop "undesirables" from accessing media


And obviously I am not going to change anyone's mind, nor anyone will change mine


The sad fact of social media is it's a echo chamber, we write what we think is right, and debate what we think is wrong, and no one changes anyone's mind. Regardless what side people are on.




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Truth, data and facts. Mr. Ramsland exposes the corrupt election. Invest 1hr 35 min and learn the truth!!! Mr. Ramsland analyzed an election machine so he is speaking from facts!!!

Thank You, Mr. Ramsland and your team. Hope this truth comes out regardless.


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3 hours ago, zzzz said:

You mean he's a convict maker.  He has turned many associates into convicts in the last few years.  His behavior has gotten so bad that people and businesses are dropping him like a hot potato.  Because he is a flight risk and danger to society, he should be locked up at least until they can finish prosecuting him.  A kingmaker??????

No matter what we think of Trump personally and those he supports, he is the de facto head of the party. Who else carries as much weight within the party and with the masses? If someone is running for dog catcher and he says the guy is no good, the guy won't get votes. Simple as that. There are very few people immune. 

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