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15 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

Let's bring back public hangings for treason and sedition.


Steve that may not be a bad idea than all your commie globalist racebating   election fraud  friends will be gone. I would  be careful with  a byline like that

Remember who has the overwhelming majority of the guns. 


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Hi, Guys, why are you so obsessed with this thread? Why want it locked? Don't like it, just don't bloody read it. Sanuk!  

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Amazing, that punishing sedition, traitorous acts is responded to with the above but, then again, we shouldn't be surprised folks. Biden, Pelosi and Schumer will sweep this all under the carpet. Why? Because they fear (or know) how far this will go. They know how many of the military high command are supremacists or sympathizers (to me there is no difference). 

I've heard this 'who has all the guns' bullshit as well. The south had all the guns too prior to the Civil War. The one bad thing and great thing about the US government is they eventually figure out a way to defeat you as long as they maintain their fortitude. 


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...and of course the government knows where the guns are. Like that's going to stop anyone? LOL. The FBI has all these groups infiltrated. The government has the echelon computer that violates our freedom of privacy. There is not going to be any organized revolt that would even get too far off the ground. The 'lone wolves' will do some damage of course but its not going to be as if a lot of people will be doing the same. Who else joined Dylan Roof, who sacrificed his freedom/life for the cause? Americans are too comfortable. Even the fringe right...and left. Its one thing to put on military gear, go into the woods and shoot at straw men with BLM, Global Elitist, sign on it and its another to risk it all. These guys fold up like a bad poker hand almost always. 

There are only two groups the government doesn't want to start acting in numbers. Military vets who have seen combat and inner city gang members. Both have no issues with shooting anyone. The urban riots in the summers '67 and '68 in scores of American cities was extremely disconcerting to the government because you had both gang members and vets coming back from Vietnam. There are clips still out there of Newark, NJ where cops, were funneled into kill zones and picked off by snipers. 

The Oathkeepers backed out of a march on Maxine Water's office in south LA because local crips and bloods were waiting for them. There were military vets among the Capital building traitors but I don't think there are enough vets out there who weren't behind a desk and were in Iraq or Afghanistan to do the same. They served alongside people who are the targets of these groups. War bonds you like nothing else. 


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When Democrats lost 3 state presidential elections running liberal nominees they changed. They sold their souls to the big corporations, abandoned their union base and started winning elections again. So we know what Dems would do when they are losing. 

Now we know what Republicans will do. Cheat. Violate one of the most precious of rights, the right to vote. The party is onerous these days...perhaps always was and they hid it well. There are literally 3rd world countries with better political parties. 

Dems are corrupt, inept, and weak willed. But even they have a line. 


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Something that proves my point fellas. Notice the post about the guns? Notice the person, by omission approves of the Capital building terrorists? Not angry or offended. Who should be when you have people supporting sedition and showing zero respect for the rule of law, the constitution they purport to love but hate, and America itself, who they also purport to love...by violating everything positive the country was built on. 

LOL...and 'race-bating' to those folks is when you point out actual racism  (government data...TRUMP'S administraton). You 'are not supposed to. You are just supposed to live with it. They want 1921 not 2021. 

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