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I still haven't heard if the capital building rioters were wrong or not, just deflecting. And Trump was never going to be found guilty with enough Republicans so its not a win. He's gone down as the worst in history. Terrible legacy. 

The biggest question is why is he still being supported when his own party says he not only incited it but refused to stop it. That's the big question that his supporters are not answering. Is it because they are in favor of all of it? 

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18 hours ago, cavanami said:

May be an image of text that says "Remember on November 7, 1983 that the May 19th Communist Organization detonated a bomb in the senate in an attempt to kill Republicans? Susan Rosenberg was arrested for this. She was pardoned by Clinton. She is now an administrator for Black Lives Matters and now does fundraising and administrative work for BLM. I guess Bombing the US Capital to kill Republicans is different. I have heard new Reports all weekend long about how Last Wednesday's riot was the worst day in American History.... What should we call Bombing the US Capital... Chopped Liver?"

OK I'll bite.

I didn't know about the bombing posted in Cav's pic. Seems that, unusually, Cav has it right, on the facts of this one - https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Susan_Rosenberg

What is interesting to me, is that from Cav's posting, of this image, we can see:

A. The bombing was a terrible and reprehensible event.

B. She/they were attempting to kill the government, not only Republicans, vis - "openly advocate[d] the overthrow of the U.S. Government through armed struggle and the use of violence"

C. She got pardoned 16 years later and is now living a 'political' life, though not solely for BLM vis - "As of 2020, Rosenberg serves as vice chair of the board of directors of Thousand Currents, a non-profit foundation that sponsors the fundraising and does administrative work for the Black Lives Matter global network, among other clients"

D. The last sentences of Cav's pic suggest that, the Capitol Riots being described as, the "worst day in American History", should be superseded by the Bombing described earlier, are valid, as he is placing both events in the same genre, of very bad things to happen to the USA government.

Good, now we have that sorted, what Cav is saying is that the Bombing in 1983 is the same as, or more terrible, as the Capitol riots, conducted by Trump and the Trumpanzees.

So Cav, you think that, Trump is as bad as this Susan Lisa Rosenberg, obviously.


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When these groups were targeting synagogues, mosques, Blacks, Antifa, the government was fine with them. UNTIL they started targeting them. Then all of a sudden, "we need to do something substantive about these groups". 

I've posted several times reports by the government itself about infiltration of these groups among law enforcement and military. 

They have begun targeting elected officials at the highest rungs of power in the government and they are scared shitless. Pardon me if I have run out of 'give a fucks' if one of these guys gets to Graham or whomever. 


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The Donald now found out that Republican Chief McConnel is an idiot. This should now become interesting, I don´t think the most honourable members of the houses would like to decide for one of them. Because if they are wrong the terrible consequence might be loosing support and further their seat. Which they have already sold their soul for.


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Currently and the last 4 years have proven all I said about America on a downward spiral we won't recover from. By the time we get it together or think we got it together it will be too late. I may sound like I don't love the country but I am just being honest. The Romans, British, all had their heads in the sand while the empire was going down living on past glory. Instead of doing what had to be done. 

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Yes, this problem of no 'lectric in Texas gives me to suggest that "Pride goeth before the fall"


Nearly 3 million customers in Texas still had no power Wednesday after historic snowfall and single-digit temperatures created a surge in demand for electricity to warm up homes unaccustomed to such extreme lows, buckling the state’s power grid and causing widespread blackouts. A large swath of Texas was under yet another winter storm warning Wednesday.

Making matters worse: Expectations that the outages would be a shared sacrifice by the state’s 30 million residents quickly gave way to a cold reality, as pockets in some of America’s largest cities, including San Antonio, Dallas and Austin, were left to shoulder the lasting brunt of a catastrophic power failure, and in subfreezing conditions that Texas’ grid operators had known was coming

The breakdown sparked growing outrage and demands for answers over how Texas — whose Republican leaders as recently as last year taunted California over the Democratic-led state’s rolling blackouts — failed such a massive test of a major point of state pride: energy independence. And it cut through politics, as fuming Texans took to social media to highlight how while their neighbourhoods froze in the dark Monday night, downtown skylines glowed despite desperate calls to conserve energy...



Once again, investor capitalist elites, show their wart ridden derrières,  festering under the transparent négligée, they've thoughtlessly begun to show to the proles.

2 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

all I said about America on a downward spiral we won't recover from.

As you know, I concur.

And if history is anything to go by, anarchy will inevitably, make a reappearance, as if it hasn't already.

I was watching a docco on how Hitler was just the brightest star, of a series of wannabe Uber-Lords, whose common characteristics were a willingness to work humans like slaves, and let them die, rather than sacrifice a single dollar of profit.

Which brings me back to a question I've had for a long time:

'Once you've got 50 million dollars, why do you need more? Any normal person could never spend that kind of money, living well, taking care of the extended family and not working anymore, so why?'



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