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Coss, I worked with a guy who is alt right. No other way to cut that slice of pie. Southerner, Trump supporter/Republican, confederate flag tattoo, the whole bit. We had a whatsapp group at our job so he sends messages once in a while. I usually don't take the bait. I sound very neutral in order to get his true opinion on things. 

Not all and perhaps not our friends on here but a great many of the Trump supporters, the hard right (according to him) have lost total faith in America. 

Basically, they have seen the numbers. They will continue to be the minority party and minority view and they are privately fine with ditching it all, the constitution, etc, and having it out with the rest of the country to either have a separate country or some sort of region like Kurdistan in Iraq where they are technically part of Iraq but in reality self governed. 

He keeps using the term 'we have almost all the guns'. America is done and they are fine with it. Because they don't want to live in an America where they don't have the most power as they once did. 

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...also Coss, lets see how intellectually dishonest the right are. All of us have had gaffes. Obama, like him or dislike him, is arguably the president with the highest intellect. He once said '57 states'. Obviously a gaffe. The right rode that like Pom from soi 8 in Pattaya rode me...till "it" couldn't be ridden any more. 

Cummings, others make gaffes. Trump made enough gaffes to have his photo next to the dictionary meaning. It's petty. Both sides do it. This time its the Republicans. To be fair, Trump was nitpicked on such things as well. 

The right sees compromise as something they shouldn't do. No republic can be run effectively if one side refuses to bargain in good faith...and I suspect they are happy with it. The right that is. They know they are masters at gaslighting their support. They have been doing a masterful job of it so far. 

The next market crash will likely emerge a different America afterwards. Unable to recover, probably economic malaise for years, currency possibly no longer world reserve currency or if so, severely weakened. 

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I called it...demonrats will greatly raise taxes!!!

Vehicle mileage tax could be on the table in infrastructure talks, Buttigieg says

A vehicle mileage tax could be on the table in talks about how to finance the White House’s expected multi-trillion-dollar infrastructure proposal, according to Transportation Secretary Pete Buttigieg.

Buttigieg, who spoke with CNBC’s Kayla Tausche on Friday, also contended that President Joe Biden’s forthcoming plans to rebuild the nation’s roads, bridges and waterways would lead to a net gain for the U.S. taxpayer and not a net outlay...


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We lowered corporate rates under the prior regime and the company's didn't hire anyone. They bought back their own stock with the taxpayers money and increased their share prices for the upper management. That worked out well. We ended up more in debt at a faster rate than ANY PRIOR ADMINISTRATION and that takes some doing. 

The cycle is Republicans run up the debt by cutting the rich's taxes. It gets so bad the people vote in a Democrat. The democrat has to raise taxes to get out of the mess (and truth be told aren't great at managing either but at least they are trying to fix a problem rather than knowingly making it worse). 

The Republicans all of a sudden, miraculously see the debt as the biggest problem in the known universe. They complain about a problem they created. Circular politics. They have it down to a science. They are very good at the narrative. Democrats suck at it. Pelosi couldn't politic her way out of a paper bag with Democratic votes. 

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