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I have zero issues with mandating a standard for ID for voting on the face of it. IF ITS NECESSARY. One of the problems I have is its wasting taxpayer money for a problem that doesn't exist. The reasoning is voter fraud and there are very, very few issues of someone pretending to be someone in order to vote. And most of the cases were not an attempt to defraud but a mistake. 

There are all forms of IDs issued by the city, county, state or government. Not everyone has a driver's license. My father and eldest brother have been voting for years. My father no longer has a driving license. He's physically unable to drive. He has a few different IDs that were issued by agencies of the various governments including medicad, state, as well as my eldest brother who visits the VA, all sorts of military IDs, others as well. 

The voter ID laws ONLY result is those that have voted prior without incident, are turned away from the polls because they don't have the ID that Republican led politicians put in place with the express purpose and design that it affects traditional Democrat voters far more than it does their own. 

I grew up with people who lived in the projects near us that voted and NEVER DROVE A CAR. They were on all sorts of public assistance where they needed an ID. They got their public housing, food stamps, medicaid with IDs that were not accepted at the voting polls if they required a specific ID. 

I would have zero issues with any voter ID law if they simply made sure those that voted before got the new ID with minimal ease. 

And not do bullshit like Alabama did when it required an ID that could only be gotten at the DMV (Dept. of Motor Vehicles) and then closed most of the DMVs in predominantly black counties.


Are Republicans specifically picking on black voters because they are black? No. If these same black voters voted Republican they'd leave them alone or even make it easier, so its not so much a racial issue but just going after traditional Democratic voters that are the easiest to disenfranchise and those voters are the elderly and black/latino voters. 


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I'm not a fan of Biden generally but at least we are dealing with a grown up. And for the life of me and this scares the shit out of people is the thought we are worst off with Biden instead of Trump.  There are no words to express how worrying that is. 

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...and the rest of the world? Yes, the USA needs a solid voter ID...our very own commie, race baiter tries to tell you otherwise...

From voter registration to mail-in ballots, how do countries around the world run their elections?

More than half of all countries and territories have compulsory voter registration. Though the exact policy varies from one place to another, 122 of the 226 countries and territories in the ACE Electoral Knowledge Network have some form of compulsory voter registration. In Argentina, Chile, Hungary, Israel, the Netherlands and elsewhere, such registration is automatic, based on government records such as census counts. In other cases, qualified residents are required to register themselves. Failing to register is punishable by a fine in some places, including New Zealand, Tonga and the United Kingdom....



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But the Next Line is

“Isn’t he a bit like you and me”

Therefore inferring just the same as you Cav and Trump

Also the song was in the Movie “Yellow Submarine” and sung about Jeremy Hilary Boob after meeting him in nowhere land.

Nowhere Land sums up the United States to some.

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lol...some of those same countries have a fee if you DON'T vote. Selective. Also, again and again again, there have more sightings of UFOs than voter fraud. There more sightings of Elvis, Tupac and Big Foot than voter fraud. 

And again, again and again, besides solving a non existent problem. Why don't we make sure those that don't have the ID get it before requiring it? Because they don't want to. The link speaks for itself, hasn't been refuted because they can't. 

The hard truth is Republicans are dying. Gen Y and Z are more left than any previous generation on average. Red states are either now blue or becoming blue. Before 1992 California actually voted Republican regularly. Virginia as well. Now we see Georgia, Arizona went blue and are now officially swing states. N. Carolina is a swing state. These were all solid red states. 

I actually think the Republicans are going to be okay. Gaslighting works. 

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