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A few things. I just heard Biden speak on gun violence and the need for enforcing gun laws. He sounded coherent and spoke well. This whole narrative he is incoherent is bullshit. You can't be incoherent in one speech and be coherent others. The guy is not a great public speaker. And if he's not, then who is in charge. You never hear that. 

You know who was totally out of it? Reagan in his last year or so in office. It's fact, Nancy was the de facto President. She would essentially be the chief of staff and say "Ron wants to do this and that'. There are videos of her under her breath telling him what to answer. Reagan was an actor so easy for him to play the role. A year after he was out of office he gave a deposition on Iran Contra and it was obvious he was completely gone. Alzheimers had set in while he was in office. That was obvious. 

As for ID's for voting. I'll pose a logical question to those outside America. How do you suppose someone without an ID get to vote in the first place? Really, think about it. How do you get on the voting rolls? How do you get a ballot? You don't. LOL. You had to do something to prove who are you to get a ballot in the first place. Think about that? 

Here's what these memes don't say and they are deliberately misleading. All people who have a ballot have an ID. It's impossible to be in America and get anything without some proof of who you are. How do you go to the bank and get money? If you are on public assistance how do you get it? How do you go to the office and get info on anything? You can't. What the states are doing are asking for one specific ID that many people do not have. America has no national ID save for a passport. 20% max have one. What the state of Georgia is doing is saying, we don't want YOUR id. And you, who have voted for all previous elections as an adult, with no issues, no dispute you are who you are, must now get THIS ID if you want to continue. My father no longer has a driver's license as I've said. He is not able to drive. My mum has to drive him anywhere. He's had a ballot mailed to him for years. If he were in Georgia, he would have to go through undue hardship to vote again. That's what's in debate. The question you have to ask is "Why is Georgia now requiring additions to voting for people WHO HAVE ALREADY BEEN VOTING AND THERE IS NO DISPUTE ITS WHO THEY ARE?". That is the question our friends on this thread will not answer. Is it rampant voter fraud? No. Hmm....Georgia is spending tax payer money to solve a non existent issue? 

Again, I have no issues with the concept of one all inclusive ID. Even though various governments on the city, state and federal agencies offer IDs with photos. All well and good. But if you know and this is proven fact, that thousands of voters will be disenfranchised, why not make sure those that don't have it get it BEFORE you require it? Doesn't that make more sense? Isn't the state supposed to encourage voting? Isn't the state supposed to also make it easier to vote. Voter fraud is an extreme occurrence so maintaining the integrity of election is easy enough. Its guarding against the future occurrence perhaps of voter fraud. Okay, weak reason but if we are going to go there, then make sure everyone has it at the state's expense for requiring people like my parents, like my eldest Vietnam vet brother who has a photo ID issued by a government agency but wouldn't be allowed to get the next ballot despite voting for years. 

The reasoning of the Republicans is bullshit and its obvious why. Far, far more Democrats will not be able to comply than Republicans. Its a numbers game by a party that most Americans disagree with. They have to enact new ways of winning because they can't win a majority of the people. Here's an interesting factoid. Since 1992 Republicans have been in the White House 12 years and have only gotten the most popular votes ONCE. None of them have won the election with the most popular vote. NONE. That's why you see them cling onto the electoral college like oxygen needed to live. It's why you see the constant gas lighting, memes, etc. They are a dying party and will literally do anything including sedition to get power. 

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a list of IDs the federal government accepts but not the state of Georgia. 


Individuals must present a valid (not expired), approved form of government issued photo ID. 

Please Note - All forms of ID must be the original, physical document. We will not accept photocopies or a photo of an ID on a mobile device. 

Approved Forms of Government Issued Photo ID:


  • Non-Driver Photo ID (Issued within U.S. including U.S. Territories)
  • U.S. Passport
  • U.S. Passport Card
  • U.S. Military ID Card
  • U.S. Military Dependent's ID Card
  • Tribal Card
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These are all accepted at various agencies as legitimate. Many people have gotten ballots in various states based on them. Again, I have zero issues with one all inclusive ID for voting IF WE GET IT FOR THEM FOR FREE. If you are living on food stamps and in public housing and are elderly, its a huge burden to get an ID to vote in elections you have been voting in for decades. The Republicans are full of shit. Putting undue burden on thousands of people without a good reason. Solving a non existent problem. 

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14 hours ago, chocolat steve said:

. I'll pose a logical question to those outside America. How do you suppose someone without an ID get to vote in the first place? Really, think about it. How do you get on the voting rolls? How do you get a ballot? You don't. LOL. You had to do something to prove who are you to get a ballot in the first place. Think about that? 

Vis the question posed. In NZ we have an electoral role. We sign up on a form, it's address based.. They periodically have campaigns to get new voters (young 'uns) and lazy sods, to update or register. I guess because we are a small population, it's relatively easy to maintain, a more or less "clean" database.

That being said, I'm not on it anymore, I'm so disillusioned with the lies,  that when I'm asked why? I say:

"I don't believe that any one of them, deserves my vote after I have been lied to so often. Perhaps it's time to take back the control of society from the politicians, who are by and large, no better than, used car salesmen."

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Wow...you can actually hear Bidumb calling the ATF, the AFT...the demented Bidumb but our very own lying social engineer will have you believe Bidumb is doing a fine job...5555555555



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I'm all for the 2nd amendment. I've owned one. However, hundreds of thousands, if not millions of people, gang members, mafia of all sorts have guns illegally. It's a massive problem. I'm not saying the Democrats have the right plan. However, the Republicans want to do nothing about it except lock up people after they have committed a crime instead of working to get the guns out of their hands. The last time the Republicans backed any kind of gun control was when one of their own got shot (Brady and Reagan). Until then they didn't give two shits because it was happening in certain areas away from themselves. The response these days in mass shooting is give everyone a gun. Except.....well, I won't go there or I'll be accused of something. 

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