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A sad commentary on 'merican culture, from World Press Photo of the Year,  this photo, part of a series titled The 'Ameriguns' which won first prize in the Portraits Stories category, shows Torrell Jasper (35) posing with his firearms in the backyard of his house in Schriever, Louisiana, USA:




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Hunters usually display their Trophy's taxidermied heads, hung on the wall.

Because of Alabama's restrictive laws, dealing with "...the storage and disposal of human remains...",
Wally Bodean Junior is limited to hanging photos of his Trophies and state and
country certificates for various class and size records.

Wally is particularly proud of his WWII rifles, some of which have only been dropped once.


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One of the few things, or rather rare things I fully backed Trump on was his wanting to pull American troops out of war zones globally. He was stymied by BOTH parties because they have a vested interest in keeping the war going. History has told us it wears a nation out. The Romans did it and it was one of a few major reasons their empire fell. 

Biden is committed to a hard date. September 11th. Apropos. People are saying "We can't or the Taliban will take over". My answer is "So the fuck what?" They were there before we went in and were it not for them housing bin Laden we would have let them stay there. Bitch and moan about it but not commit troops. 

I am for limiting our presence on the ground in NATO as well as Korea. Russia is not going to attack a Euro nation. Lets put that bullshit theory to bed. Ukraine used to be theirs. I don't like that they went in, I am fully for keeping them out of G8 and punishing them diplomatically and economically. But its a somewhat "internal" fight if we take history into account. 

As far as Russia advancing on Germany, Holland, etc, it won't happen in a million years. They will try to re-secure their influence in the former Soviet Bloc nations as a buffer like before but as far as EU proper, nothing to worry about militarily. Russia will interfere electronically, economically if it can or politically but physically? Nah. They won't. 

Same to a lesser extent in North Korea. We had about 28k or so stationed there. I'd reduce that to 5k. North Korea is NOT going to invade the south. It's an unwinnable war and the China is dead set against it. Why? Because it would be giving America a great excuse to be on their door step in huge numbers. Americans are more worried about North Korea invading than the South Koreans are. 


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