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Hey Coss, 

Another thing I can't logically get my head around. QAnon said there are far left child trafficking pedo rings, right? But Trump has wished Epstein's girl pimp luck and Trump cuck Gaetz who Trump supported has been banging more 17 year old girls than the captain of my HS football team. 

I'm confused. How can QAnon explain this? Is Gaetz banging underage girls a false flag...flag being the optimum word.

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US Justice Department sues Trump ally Roger Stone over US$2m in unpaid taxes

The Justice Department sued Donald Trump's ally Roger Stone on Friday, accusing the conservative provocateur and his wife of failing to pay nearly US$2 million (NZ$2.8m) in income tax.

The lawsuit was filed in federal court in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. It alleges the couple underpaid their income tax by more than US$1.5 million from 2007 until 2011 and separately alleges Stone also owes more than US$400,000 for not fully paying his tax bill in 2018.

The suit alleges that the couple used a commercial entity known as Drake Ventures to "shield their personal income from enforced collection" and to fund a "lavish lifestyle.".....


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President was brought up on charges of starting a riot...now we have this POS starting riots...let's see how our lying social engineer defends this dirtbag...

Republicans demand action against Maxine Waters after Minneapolis remarks


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He's not a President any more.

Why is it that Yanks have to nominate themselves President, for ever and a day if they've held a position named as such, once?

i.e. little Smurgleheimer was class president, at school once, so now he insists on being called President Smurgleheimer for the rest of his life...

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