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There are many who are writing books about the Drumpfs et al and below is an excerpt.

It is telling that the response from the Drumpfs is not - "No that Never happened!"

It is in the formula of

• "Utter utter lying bastard!

• sentence 1 of personal abuse!

• sentence 2 of personal abuse!"

• optionally additional sentences of personal abuse!"


Tellingly, Grisham writes that Ivanka and Jared tried to push their way into meeting Queen Elizabeth II alongside the US president and first lady, a wild breach of protocol on a state visit, but were thwarted when they couldn't fit into the helicopter.


Coss Comment: note to rich kids,

if helicopter capacity  = n persons,

helicopter capacity  ≠ n + 2 persons. 



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'Obsessed' Donald Trump fought to climb the Forbes Rich List - now he's off it

For nearly four decades, he has devoted enormous effort to assuring his place on the list, lobbying Forbes' editors, presenting extensive figures designed to prove his wealth, even making phony phone calls to Forbes reporters in the 1980s, claiming to be "John Barron," a fictitious PR man representing Trump and making his case for a higher rank on the list.

"While many of the super-rich wanted to keep their names off the ranking, Trump was desperate to scale it," Jonathan Greenberg, the reporter who compiled the early lists, wrote in 2018.

Greenberg says Trump called him constantly, both in his own voice and in the guise of "Barron," a purported publicity man who flipped between providing evidence of Trump's supposedly soaring wealth and badgering the reporter with claims that turned out to be bogus.

Trump showed up uninvited at the magazine's offices, had his attorney Roy Cohn call to argue his case, and used his Barron alter ego to tear down competitor developers who might also be on the list.






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Bidumb at work...azzhole!!! $600 annually??? WTF!!!!

Biden's Proposal to Empower IRS Rattles Banks and Their Customers

When the Biden administration looked for ways to pay for the president’s expansive social policy bill, it proposed raising revenue by cracking down on $7 trillion in unpaid taxes, mostly from wealthy Americans and businesses.

To help find those funds, the administration wants banks to give the Internal Revenue Service new details on their customers and provide data for accounts with total annual deposits or withdrawals worth more than $600. That has sparked an uproar among banks and Republican lawmakers, who say giving the IRS such power would be an enormous breach of privacy and government overreach....


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5 hours ago, Mekong said:

This article does not make sense, first it says going after wealthy Americans and Businesses and then annual withdrawals / deposits of §600.

Surely it must be §600,000 aka the top1% of earners not $600 which captures everybody.

Please consider the brain Bidumb frequently makes no sense!

You saw the article and yes, it makes little sense.

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