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5 hours ago, cavanami said:

So you are a remainer...waaaay past time to move on, Trump is gone... understood???


Yes so which idiot are you talking about. There is only one idiotic president in the recent past. Trump. A sour looser and instigator of an armed rebellion. In any democracy he would be in jail for that. But US is not a Democracy as many people tell me, but a republic :p

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:)    another serving of schadenfreude, or possibly even, satisfaction, on being right, it seems, on Trump and the Kremlin pegging each other.


>>> Coss - Posted August 11, 2018 ·

The Trump Organization, has likely laundered billions for organised crime in Russia.

...my thoughts as posted some time ago, that I wouldn't be surprised, if the entire Trump clan, becomes destitute when this Russia thing 'properly' hits the fan...  <<<


I'll post links at the end.  It goes like this:

Russian 2016 election interference.

Servers from Russia's Alfa Bank (Kremlin associated) had contacted a Trump Organization server 2,820 times, in 5 months in 2016.

Writing in the New Yorker in 2018, Dexter Filkins noted that computer scientists who examined the data theorized that the DNS look-ups could have represented other forms of communication, such as data transfers or a technique called foldering (a digital form of “dead dropping”).

The reason that this wasn't blown up at the time, or then subsequently, is that the traffic, being encrypted, was not available for perusal and that's not, easy to present, as evidence. Much like the Drug dealers, meeting one on one, and then, crimes being committed, together, there is no obvious or even, a tendered reason, that is innocent.

The juicy bit. You may have heard of the Streisand effect, or the Boomerang story, wherein, someone's efforts to kill or hide, a story, or a truth, actually blow it up and make it, very, very, big news. Well that is happening now.

Before Trump left office, Bill Bar appointed, Special Counsel John Durham, to investigate, the people and the actual  investigation, by the DOJ, into Russian Election Interference. As though it was, the DOJ investigation itself, that was illegal...

This Special Counsel John Durham, has indicted a lawyer, accusing him of lying about the Russian interference story's origins.

In this indictment, as is often the case, in the USA, John Durham also identifies, to a point just shy, of actually using their names, all the Computer Scientists, Cybersecurity Researchers and the Information Security Firms, who've studied the traffic.

This is a legal tactic, that says, see? if you say anything, you'll be indicted and in big trouble! 

Barbara McQuade, a former US attorney  -  "What they really want is, this whole backstory to get out, about how these tech experts were trying to poison public opinion about Donald Trump and his ties to a Russian bank."

Well, all these folk have lawyer'd up, and because these guys, are the really intelligent kind, they've got documentation, evidence and so on. And they're not shy about releasing letters from their Lawyers, that kinda do, what the indictment does, gets information out into the public.


Trump Organization and Alfa Bank had secret communications and took steps to obfuscate them

There "was likely human interaction and coordination" between people working for the Trump Organization and Alfa Bank. 

... also found that a Russian-made smartphone seldom seen in the US, had been used by people at the White House and Trump Tower...

According to the analysis, the Trump Organization-registered server wasn't configured to send mass emails. It had actually been configured to receive emails

 "mail1.trump-email.com,"   registered to the Trump Organization.
(FFS, if you're gonna hide something, at least name it "spam69.sjdbe-skdnehj.milf.com" to avoid having your name on it.)

So this story is becoming global news.

cue: "The Way We Were" in Streisand's dulcet tones.

And a series of large boomerangs, returning, to hit the Trump crowd in the teeth.



Watch the GOP,  be somewhere else.

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Some news - google if you need to:

'A sham from the beginning': Man at center of GOP vote fraud hype lied, pleads guilty.


'QAnon Shaman' Jacob Chansley sentenced to 41 months in prison.


On Monday, Henry “Enrique” Tarrio — a leader of the violent far-right extremist group Proud Boys — pleaded with a judge to reduce his jail sentence from five months to 90 days.  Tarrio, who is serving time for a weapons charge and for burning a Black Lives Matter flag he stole from a historic Black church in December, told the judge that the Washington jail where he’s being detained is just too tough for him to handle.


John Kelly, Donald Trump's former White House chief of staff, did not mince words about his ex-boss as rioters violently stormed the Capitol on January 6. "If he was a real man, he would go down to the Capitol and tell them to stop," Kelly said of Trump to ABC News correspondent Jonathan Karl during a phone call as the insurrection was taking place.

"If I was still there, I would call the cabinet and start talking about the Twenty-Fifth Amendment," Kelly told Karl. (Then-Treasury Secretary Steve Mnuchin also reportedly broached the subject with other cabinet members about this in January.)



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