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Jan 6 hearings:

.....Cassidy Hutchinson was about to turn 24, already a key official at the US White House after a meteoric ascent from obscurity, when she heard a startling noise.

It was early December 2020, and then-president Donald Trump was livid because his attorney general said the election had not been stolen.

Upon investigating the noise, Hutchinson was told by a White House valet that Trump had thrown a porcelain plate against the dining room wall, which was now dripping ketchup. Hutchinson grabbed a towel to wipe up the mess as the valet told her to steer clear of the president because “he's really, really ticked off about this right now”......



Smearing food on the walls - of course...   



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" Heidi and I are praying for those injured, for the families of those who were murdered today, and for the law enforcement searching for this monster. "


I am praying, and maybe Heidi joins me, somebody practises his Second Amendmend rights amnd shoots this  hypocritical arsehole.

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At the risk of a deluge, of Cav-memed imagery, and the 'tedious to some' re-posting of major news:

I'll just pop a link in here, for those interested in how the Jan 6 hearings are going



Of note:

Much as they got Capone on Tax matters, the ground has been prepared for:

Witness Tampering.

Direct instruction of insurrectionists,  by Trump (Oath Keepers and others).


Any stuff from Trump/Bannon, appears to be muddying the water and distraction, also, Bannon trying to stay out of Jail.

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14 hours ago, cavanami said:

Wonder how long it will take the TDS’ers to accuse Orange Man of pushing his X down the stairs?

How churlish.

I will note that this story: 'Trump family depositions in New York attorney general investigation delayed due to Ivana Trump's death',

- is an example of courteousness, integrity, and empathy, from the folk who are adversaries, in the Trump hunt.

Were, that the Trump clan, could emulate this behaviour occasionally.


Never one to be distracted from the fray, I was thinking that one of the problems, with finishing the stairs in your apartment with gold, is that, despite initial thoughts of a mirrored reflection, providing an up view, gold is a very slippery surface when one is wearing high heels or patent leather soled footwear, which is why the gold stairs in Trump tower had to be an escalator, after Trump slipped on the original static gold stairs.

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