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A précis, so the whole thing doesn't need to be read.

Unhinged ramblings from the transcript of his sit-down with New York Attorney General Letitia James in April as part of her $250 million civil lawsuit against his company:


“I was — I considered this the most important job in the world, saving millions of lives. I think you would have nuclear holocaust, if I didn’t deal with North Korea. I think you would have a nuclear war, if I weren’t elected. And I think you might have a nuclear war now, if you want to know the truth.”

When asked whether in 2014 he was the CEO or the president of the company he owns, he says, “I don’t know exactly.” 

...randomly bringing up that “the election was rigged,” asserting that “people” have told him things like “how the hell could they have sued you and put you through this stuff?” and arguing that “even the press agrees” that the case should be thrown out.

The transcript paints a picture of a Trump who was, at best, detached from the goings-on at the company that bore his name. At worst, he comes across as someone who doesn’t think there’ll be consequences for what he says under oath. Either way, it seems unlikely Trump’s April deposition will help him in October, when the trial that could put him out of business in New York kicks off.



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So we know now that Donald prevented a nuclear war that otherwise would rip the world into pieces right at this moment.

Two versions looking at the possibility that millions of  sick people would elect him again:

Either he says that for reasons nobody understands

Or he really believes it

If I would belong to his defense team I would bring up mental insanity to prevent him from being jailed. There are so many points supporting that strategy.

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Leading members of the great Proud Boys who were calling all " real men " to arms when attacking the capitol, were found sitting in tears in front of the judge begging for mercy because it was all Trump and other traitors who made them  take part in the riot. 17 years in jail but Donald would visit them weekly I am sure.

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Trump blasts 'fearmongering' over new COVID strain and claims 'left wing lunatics' are trying to bring back lockdowns and mask mandates to steal the 2024 election

Former President Donald Trump is criticizing the 'fearmongering' over a spike in COVID cases amid a new contagious strain 

He said Thursday the 'left wing lunatics' are trying to impose lockdowns and mask mandates to get more 'illegal dropboxes' and 'mail-in ballots' 

The 2024 presidential hopeful claimed liberals are trying to bring COVID back  so they can steal the next election 


because  - of course.


We used to say "only in America"

Nice to see normal programming has resumed.

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Some “Special” Ameucanisms I have heats over the past week include but are not limited to are

  • Why do we have follow British Law in the UK, did we not beat them in 1776 to stop having to do this
  • Can I Sue the UK government for not allowing my second amendment rights 
  • (At Immigration) I am not a Foreigner, I AM AMERICAN
  • Why dos t the UK speak some European Language instead of English an American Language 

There are Plenty others trust me 5 minutes viewing Quora will prove that.

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