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Hey Flash, I wasn't old enough to remember that but wasn't mostly the young folks? My parents didn't like the way the younger generation disrespected institutions. Was it the Congress that was disrespcting LBJ though? Or even Nixon? Private citizens are one thing. A standing member of the highest legislative body in the nation or a Governor is another thing entirely.


I've seen enough of Question time in the UK to know they will say somethings. The nerd in me used to watch in PBS because I loved the vitriol and smart ass comments.


Anyway, the office is the office, it should always be respected by the Congress. For one thing it undermines the prestige of the office overseas when its done. Obama is a temporary holder, one day (and I pray not haha) it will a Republican in the office again, and it will hurt future presidents.


The senior leadership needs to kick ass with regards to its members doing that 'shyt'.

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I remember LBJ being insulted on major TV shows - and in nasty ways. I don't recall any of today's comics being really nasty about Obama. My aunt was furious at the Smothers Brothers and would never watch them again after they constantly ridiculed the President. Eartha Kitt stood up at a White House dinner and verbally attacked Ladybird Johnson over her husband's war policies. There was a play called McBird, the whole point of which was that LBJ had arranged Kennedy's murder to become President. Obama has had it easier, all things considered.


I don't remember much about Members of Congress dissing Johnson, but I wouldn't be surprised. For the last of LBJ's presidency I was in the Army and may as well have been on the moon. (Speaking of which, I never saw the lunar landing either.)



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<< Things were good when Wild Bill was president.


Everything went to shitter when GWB ended his Presidency. >>



I had job I loved in the States ... until Stiff Willy ended it. I wasn't fired - my job was elminated. US Army instructor ... but Willsy didn't need a land army. He just fired Cruise missiles at people whenever he wanted to distract attention from his shenanagans. Maybe the degenerate old fart did me a favour. After finding nothing else to do, I was offered a job in LOS and came back. :hmmm:


Quite frankly, the country has been going to hell ever since William Howard Taft.

Flash, if you are a WHT fan, you might be interested in this book; http://blogs.westword.com/showandtell/2012/01/jason-heller-taft-2012-interview.php

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Arizona Governor Jan Brewer traded words with President Obama after she greeted him at a Phoenix airport Wednesday.

Brewer and Obama "spoke intensely for a few minutes" after he landed at Phoenix-Mesa Gateway Airport, according to a White House pool report. At one point, the GOP governor shook her finger at the president.

"He was a little disturbed about my book," Brewer told a reporter after the incident, referring to her political memoir, "Scorpions for Breakfast." In the book, Brewer depicted Obama as "patronizing" during an earlier meeting.

"I said to him that I have all the respect in the world for the office of the president," Brewer said. "The book is what the book is. I asked him if he read the book. He said he read the excerpt. So."


In the pic she's poking her finger at the President. In any scenario its disrespectful. I keep reading when each person that disrepsects the office say they respect it but their actions say otherwise. Their actions say they don't respect the office.


I'd be saying the same it was Dubya. Its a very bad precedent. People/politicians will be emboldened to do it again because of the lack of public backlash.



Governor Jan Brewer hates Obama and wants Obama out.


She is all for lower taxes and a balanced budget. She claims she has

balanced Arizona's budget with a surplus but she forgets

to mention she did this by raising the State's sales tax.

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Hating the President is fine. Frankly, if the worse thing she can say is he was 'condescending', my translation to that for a person who hates him is that there is nothing there. Obama shouldn't even be upset at that. Waving your finger in the President of the United States states as a Governor (or anyone but especially for a Governor) is rank out of order.

Everyone who has disrespected the office say they respect the office but their actions say otherwise. You suck it up. You stan when the President enters the room, you speak to him respectfully, you call him Mr. President. Wheter or not he is Washington or Nixon. The fact that so many GOP elected officials fail to respect the office tells me more than I need to know about how the party has degenerated nowadays. The hypocracy is that if a Democrat did the same things they'd be all over it.


Absolutely nothing wrong with disagreeing with Obama. You do it respectfully. HH, with regards to the Supreme Court, I don't see anything wrong in that. Many Presidents have talked about the court and as far as I know Obama wasn't rude. Its HIS State of the Union address. They have become partially campaign speeches but that's ALL presidents.

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Way of the future? I keep hearing be careful what you write in your social networking sites because prospective and present employers will see it. If I have tight controls on my Facebook, how will they know? You can code it where only friends see pertinent stuff. I keep hearing about people fired for what they write on Facebook. They had to have had cowowrkers on there as friends.





Union Square Ventures recently posted an opening for an investment analyst.


Instead of asking for résumés, the New York venture-capital firm—which has invested in Twitter, Foursquare, Zynga and other technology companies—asked applicants to send links representing their "Web presence," such as a Twitter account or Tumblr blog. Applicants also had to submit short videos demonstrating their interest in the position.


Union Square says its process nets better-quality candidates —especially for a venture-capital operation that invests heavily in the Internet and social-media—and the firm plans to use it going forward to fill analyst positions and other jobs.


Companies are increasingly relying on social networks such as LinkedIn, video profiles and online quizzes to gauge candidates' suitability for a job. While most still request a résumé as part of the application package, some are bypassing the staid requirement altogether.

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Ah Steve...u don't need to use the excuse that you don't like the GOP because they "dissed" your guy. And, that is what they were doing. They WERE NOT disrepecting the Office; they were showing their distain for Obama. He has shown them distain himself. He does it several times/day while campaigning. So, payback is fine, in my books. I'm surprised some didn't walk out during his campaign speech. I fail to see how you can claim that it is ok for Obama to lay into the Supreme Court members (sitting 20 feet away and really unable to politely give him the finger) and say that's fair. In my book, that's chickenshit.



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From an outside view it is unbelievable how much bullshit the GOP candidates say during the debates. Is the US electorate that stupid??? It seems that with each election cycle the level of the political discourse is going even lower...

GOP makes Obama look good smirk.gif

By: Roger Simon

January 26, 2012 11:59 PM EST




These debates are making the Obama staffers in Chicago so giddy that after each one they are tearing off their clothes, running through Millennium Park and howling at the moon.


And why shouldn’t they? The American people, after being treated to hour upon hour of Republican candidates being allowed to say pretty much whatever they want, are slowly discovering something: Barack Obama doesn’t look that bad any more.


An NBC News/Wall Street Journal Poll released Wednesday said that “for the first time in six months, more people approve of the job the president is doing than disapprove.â€


Sure, the president’s approval/disapproval figure is only 48/46, but he has achieved that after six months of solid Republican debating. After six months of attack. After six months of being told that the American economy is doomed without a steady Republican hand on the tiller of state.


So what else does the poll show? “More people said they believe the economy will get better (37 percent) in the next year rather than worse (17 percent). That’s the highest level in more than a year and a seven-point jump over last month.â€


Oh, my. This is not what the Republicans had in mind.


The debates were supposed to winnow the field and leave the strongest Republican standing. It is all very Darwinian: the survival of the fittest. (Even though some Republicans don’t believe in evolution, just about all of them believe in survival of the fittest. That’s because they believe they are the fittest.)


True, the number of lecterns on the stage has been winnowed from nine to four, but what have the “fittest†Republicans been telling America about their agenda?


Well, Thursday night, we had a good, long talk about America’s moon colony. What moon colony? Fair question. America currently lacks a moon colony. But Newt Gingrich would like a moon colony, and it won’t even cost a lot if we offer a “prize†to people to build one. As he once again reminded America, “Lindberg flew to Paris for a $25,000 prize.â€




Newt says we have to have a moon colony because, if we don’t, the Chinese will have a moon colony and if that happens, well, it will be bad.


But Mitt Romney said a moon colony could cost a $1 trillion. So how big would the prize have to be to get people to compete for building the moon colony? More than $1 trillion, I would guess. And where would the U.S. government get that kind of money? We would have to borrow it from the Chinese. Who could just hold onto it and build their own moon colony.


Do you see now why Obama is doing better in the polls?


Not that we are supposed to spend our time worrying about the substance of these debates. That is for professional fact-checkers. (Don’t ask me who fact-checks the fact-checkers. You don’t want to know.)


Instead, the media decide who wins and who loses, who gets made and who gets broken. Looking for the little things help me decide.


Which is why my notes begin: “National Anthem. All put hands on hearts. Santorum and Mitt sing. Newt and Ron Paul don’t. Why?â€


I don’t know. I am waiting for a fact-checker to tell me.


Further notes: “Newt praises Callista for playing French horn. Have words ‘French horn’ ever been spoken at political debate before? Unlikely, but not impossible. Especially if debate were in France.â€


“When asked by Santorum if people in Massachusetts must buy health care, Mitt replies: ‘First of all, it’s not worth getting angry about.’ Presidency pays only $400,000 a year. So why would Romney get emotional about it?â€


“Debate supposed to be Newt’s best opportunity to win Florida, but at one point he says, ‘Governor Romney is exactly right’ and at another he says, ‘I agree with Governor Romney.’ Newt appears to be lacking in mindless aggression. This is no way to win a debate.â€


The debate wandered back and forth and finally ended up with CNN moderator Wolf Blitzer asking the candidates: “Why are you the one person on this stage most likely to beat Barack Obama?â€


My notes say that Ron Paul cited his “freedom message,†that Santorum said he could win Reagan Democrats, and that Romney said America needs “dramatic, fundamental, extraordinary†change.


Newt, I note, said, “This is a big choice election.â€


But he didn’t say the choice was standing on the stage.


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