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Sweet Jesus these videos are just appalling... beyond belief.

(several showed only green screen/ censored??)


Orwellian/gestapo style fascism here and now-


I kjnow I sound like a nut but America has a history of such experiements. the most well known are the ones in Alabama, small pox given to the native indians is a fact. South Africa's former apartheid government did reserach on a bacteria that only kills blacks (http://news.bbc.co.uk/2/hi/africa/110947.stm). Bill Gates is a known eugenist. (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3TyAJZVARPw) HIs dad worked for Planned Parenthood. Margaret Sanger the founder, and this is documented, no one of any note disputes it, was worried about too many Blacks and started what was originally called The Negro Project whose goal was to sterilize and depopulate, abort Blacks. Abortion didn't become legal till the '70s but was practiced on black women for decades prior.


I know I sound like a nut but I happen to be in the group that I think this ebola thing and other things are after. Its no coincidence that HIV was big in two groups simultaneously, 1000s of miles apart with no interaction, subsaharan Africans and gays in the SF area. Before the '80s there was no aids in Africa or amongst the gay population, two 'undesirable' populations.


My guess is its two fold. One a pandemic to eliminate most of the world from overpopulation and start over with a smaller population and 'manage' growth and the second is to reduce melanated peoples who are having the kids as Europe and America are experiencing zero and negative population growth amongst non European descented peoples. Its a survival mechanism.


This may sound like Farrakhan kinda stuff and I'm sorry if it does, but I can't put anything past what world governments are willing to do when we've already seen wars started for profit, etc.


They saved the doctor who got Ebola but not this guy in Texas. The doctor was farther along in infection than he was. Why was that?

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California parrot that vanished for four years returns speaking Spanish: paper



LOS ANGELES (Reuters) - The owner of a parrot that spoke English with a British accent says the bird went missing for four years, only to return speaking Spanish and asking for someone named Larry, a Southern California newspaper reported on Monday.


Darren Chick told the Daily Breeze newspaper that he doesn't know where African grey parrot Nigel has been for four years but that aside from the language switch, the bird is doing fine back at home.


"He's doing perfect," Chick told the paper. "It's really weird, I knew it was him from the minute I saw him."


Nigel was discovered in the back yard of a Torrance couple who run a dog grooming business and originally was thought to belong to Teresa Micco, who had placed an ad for her own missing parrot, the Breeze reported


When Micco, a veterinarian's technician, realized that Nigel wasn't her bird, she was able to trace him via the original sales records to Chick, who was stunned to recover his lost bird after four years, the paper said.




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Now this is new to me...


​Who Really Made the Chopper From Easy Rider?




This Saturday the last Easy Rider chopper will go up for auction, and as the lone survivor, it's expected to fetch something north of $1 million. But 45 years after the film was released, the builders behind "Captain America" are beginning to get the recognition they deserve.


When it comes to bike builds, it's an ego-driven world. But that doesn't mesh with old school Hollywood, where the people behind the scenes don't get much credit. In the case of the Easy Rider choppers, it's been a long, drawn out battle to bring the creators to light.

NPR dove into the murky history behind who constructed one of the most iconic motorcycles in existence, where two names continued to surface: Clifford "Soney" Vaughs and Ben Hardy.

Vaughs was a bike designer and Hardy a prominent builder in LA, both of whom have had brief flashes of recognition on TV and in print in the past few years.

Hardy died in 1994, but Vaughs sat down with NPR to tell his story, which started when he was covering Peter Fonda's marijuana arrest in 1966 while working for a local radio station. There, Fonda and Vaughs got to talking about bikes...



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Here you go, Steve. And this was over two years ago!



<< An elderly woman's home was raided by police after she was suspected of making anonymous online threats against the Evansville police department and Chief Billy Bolin.


The 68-year-old woman, Louise Milan was in the house with her 8 year old adopted daughter when police shattered a glass door and burst in after throwing flash grenades inside.


Police came up empty-handed in the search for evidence about who had made the threatening posts but only after damaging Louise Milan’s house, handcuffing her and her adopted daughter and seizing their computers, according to a lawsuit that has been filed against the city of Evansville.


The FBI later arrested Derrick Murray, a suspected local gang leader who lived nearby in his mother’s house and was using his smartphone to access the Milan's unsecured wireless network.


City attorneys contend that the force used to execute the search warrant, was “objectively reasonable†and that officials are immune from liability. >>






What's with the Empire Storm Troopers anyway? :p

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Keene Pumpkin Festival 2014



“Disturbances continued into Sunday morning after parties at Keene State College spun out of control Saturday. Police in riot gear fired tear gas at hundreds of students throwing bottles and other objects, according to witnesses on the scene.


At least one car and two Dumpsters were overturned.â€




Small Town Militarization: Keene, NH


“Readers may already be familiar with the tiny town of Keene, NH despite its population of some 20,000 people in rural New Hampshire. The town has been a major site for the Free State Project and radio advertisements mentioning Keene are heard regularly when listening to Antiwar Radio on LRN.


You may or may not be familiar with Lenco Industries, a Pittsfield, MA-based company that manufactures heavily armored vehicles for government agencies. But even if you are familiar with both, you might not have imagined that the twain should ever meet.


But the Department of Homeland Security is seeing to it that they have, throwing $285,933 in grant money at the Keene city government to buy what their mayor referred to as “our own tank.â€â€




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This may sound like Farrakhan kinda stuff and I'm sorry if it does, but I can't put anything past what world governments are willing to do when we've already seen wars started for profit, etc.


They saved the doctor who got Ebola but not this guy in Texas. The doctor was farther along in infection than he was. Why was that?

Cuz the doctor was white? Come on, Steve. Blacks put a virus in the White House that is much more dangerous to the world and our country than Ebola. HH
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33 Police Officers Fire 600 Bullets into Car Knowing It Contained a Hostage



An attorney for the family of Misty Holt Singh spoke out on Thursday, asserting that Stockton police used unreasonable force in the July 16th incident when they took the life of this 41 year old mother of two.


Holt-Singh was taken hostage by robbers at Bank of the West in Stockton, California, in front of her 12 year old daughter who was waiting for her in the car.


“Misty was crying,†a witness told KOVR. “She was saying her daughter was alone in the car. She said, ‘I don’t want my daughter to see me coming out with you,’ and they said, ‘Don’t worry, nothing is going to happen,’ and they took her anyway.â€


Unfortunately it was not only the robbers that Holt-Singh needed to worry about.


Holt-Singh was in the vehicle as the three suspects lead police on a high speed chase which lasted for nearly an hour. The suspects reportedly fired over 100 rounds at officers during the 55 mile incident.


Two other women were taken hostage as well, but were either thrown or jumped from the vehicle as it was speeding from police, both survived.


The beloved wife and mother was ultimately shot at least 10 times- not by the suspects, but by the police- 33 of them, who fired 600 rounds into the vehicle despite knowledge that it contained a hostage. Holt-Singh as well as two of the three suspects were killed in the barrage of bullets.


The family attorney Greg Bentley said in a statement on Thursday that protocol calls for discriminate gunfire and described the 600 bullets shot into the suspects’ vehicle as excessive and unreasonable force.


The department has defended its officers, saying they were worried the violence would escalate.


“According to Chief Jones, at least 10 bullets struck Misty, killing her, and all 10 of those bullets, were fired by police officers.†Bentley stated.


Even if there hadn’t been an innocent hostage, are police such awful marksmen that they require 600 rounds to take down three men? On what planet could this be considered reasonable?


Jaime Ramos, 19, the sole surviving suspect, has been charged with her murder.


The family of Holt-Singh has not yet announced if they will file a lawsuit against the department.





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