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Trumperbelle: "This is an Island, its surrounded by water, big water, ocean water..."


Really? is it wet water? salty water? so many sharks in the water? does everyone talk about all the sharks in the water? are they the best sharks in the water?

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And his administration (maybe even Trump) are talking/negotiating directly with the North Koreans. I'm sure China, South Korea and Japan have no problems with this.


I'd go so far as to say, And his administration (prolly not Trump) are taking the initiative with the North Koreans.



And now he's trashing the mayor of San Juan ...


Yes, Trumperbelle unleashed a twit storm against the Mayor.


For all of you that get caught up in the BS of the lame stream media on

Puerto Rico


An excellent analysis in this video...



Cavanami, so is Donald Trumps's own tweet feed, the Lame Stream Media? when his words are issued by him, himself, that's Lame Stream?

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Cavanami, thank you for the link to shirtless boy.


​But in all of this and I am not main stream, or media, I do think Trumperbelle is a problem for the USA, not a good thing.


Yes, Hillary woulda been arguably worse.


And the Media do give Trumpelle a hard time, MSNBC in particular is very good at it.



But pause for a moment and consider this :: it is not a situation in which there're are two options, Trumperbelle or Hilary. That was the election and that's finished, it is over.


The situation that is obvious to rest of the world, and is causing the USA to lose credibility big time, is that a moronic schoolyard bully, is in charge and he behaves like a little bully girl.


The reply should not be :: but the left, but Hillary, but the swamp, but the....


The reply should be :: where can we get an adult from, to sort this lot out?



The most recent petulant twit from the Trumperbelle has almost cut the legs out from Tillerson, whom I assume, does good work.


Does Trumperbelle not know what's going on? I don't think he does...




Remember, Tillerson is talking about having communication with North Korea, which, whichever way events go, can only be a good thing, left or right, trying to prevent nuclear warfare is a good thing and communication can only help.


And so Trumperbelle with his words, is signalling to the world that Tillerson is no good at this and shouldn't do it.


Trumperbelle may not know that this is the effect of his words, but then we are seeing the behaviour of a petulant little schoolyard bully, trying to talk himself up in his own eyes, once again, e.g. you don't worry, I'm in charge I'm gonna be the one that gets the fame for this....


And just in case you think this is all left leaning conspiracy media at work, here are the very words from the Trumperbelle himself:




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The ones before Trump, starting with Bill Clinton, have kicked the can down the road and now North Korea

has the bomb!


Sanctions have not worked in over 25 years.


Trump has been to only one to stand up to North Korea.


Yes, risky but doing nothing, as has been done in the past will prove worse!!!


Preventing nuclear war? BS, allowing more countries to develop nukes of their own!!!

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