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"Almost here...Trey Gowdy Recieves Documents To Arrest Hillary Clinton?"


Excellent - Contrary to perceived opinion, I am of the view, that in the Hillbilly/Rich Dumb Dolt, pigfuck fest, that is USA politics, that Hillary is just as deserving of criticism and ridicule as the Trumperbelle.


But she seems to keep out of the news, not tweeting her every brain fart. Never-the-less, if the above is actually taking place, Excellent news.


What could happen, is that charges are levelled, pleas entered, Guilty or not Guilty - you know, process, like Manafort, Flynn, et al.


According to the Google Bible, what amounts to due process, is being followed.


See next post.

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Oct 2017

Rep. Trey Gowdy plans to grill former FBI Director James Comey about his decision-making as part of the House Oversight and Government Reform Committee's decision to re-examine the investigation into Hillary Clinton's private email server...





Nov 2017

Trey Gowdy: Threshold for appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton has not been met.

Rep. Trey Gowdy, R-S.C., on Wednesday split from fellow Republican Rep. Jim Jordan, R-Ohio, by saying he doesn't believe the threshold has been met for appointing a special counsel to investigate Hillary Clinton, the Clinton Foundation, and the FBI's handling of its investigation into her use of a private email server.





Dec 2017

Is this Benghazi, the sequel?


Republican Trey Gowdy, whose investigation into the terror attack on an American consular building was seen even by some Republicans as an effort to hurt Hillary Clinton's election chances, is now demanding that three FBI officials testify before his Oversight Committee to discuss the bureau's decision to not charge the former Secretary of State for mishandling classified information and use of a private email server.


Specifically, Gowdy and Judiciary Committee Chairman Bob Goodlatte, asked Attorney General Jeff Sessions on Tuesday to make available FBI Deputy Director Andrew McCabe, FBI Chief of Staff Jim Rybicki and FBI counsel Lisa Page—all of whom figure prominently in Republican complaints that the FBI was biased in favor of Clinton during the 2016 campaign.




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As to the assertion that Mr Gowdy has documents that are to be used to arrest H. Clinton - what I saw on that video, was a Fox presenter, screaming arrest and 'what about this other person' and 'why did this other person'... ad infinitum. I did not see any reference to documents that are to be the basis of an arrest.. The documents referred to, are no doubt useful for the investigation, but no connection to the headline is evident.


Usual Fox sensationalism, no real content.




an arrest of an Ugly woman in the #metoo era, would certainly stir things up a bit....

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Coss where are you . See this great post of mine above


I have seen and I am in awe.


Unfortunately 8 hours ago I was dreaming of the Queen half dressed and so, missed the imagery of her dancing around... And she was a hottie, when younger.


Bra fitting, by definition requires that the Queen is half clothed.


Queen's bra fitter Rigby & Peller loses royal warrant - http://www.bbc.com/news/uk-42647441

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This is worth a read.


Donald Trump Compounds His “Shithole Countries†Bigotry with Lies




Bigotry is not new in American history, but President Trump seems to glory in that part of the past.Photograph by Mark Peterson / Redux


What is the difference between calling countries in Africa, the Caribbean, and Central America “shitholes,†as President Donald Trump is widely reported to have done, and saying, as he did on Twitter, that he had been “tough†but hadn’t used that precise language? Not much, really. It is only a reminder that the President’s dishonesty is in close contention with his bigotry in the contest for his most distinctive characteristic. His crudity is in the race, too. Trump is confounding and often self-contradictory, but in this case he is neither mysterious nor subtle.


This particular story began on Thursday, when the Washington Post reported that, in a meeting about immigration policy with several senators of both parties, Trump interrupted a discussion that involved Africa, as well as El Salvador and Haiti, to say, “Why are we having all these people from shithole countries come here?†In particular, when he learned that a certain proposal might lead to green cards for people from Haiti, he asked, “Why do we need more Haitians?†and added, “Take them out.†He also wanted to know why there couldn’t be more Norwegians coming over instead. The Norwegian Prime Minister had visited the White House the day before; perhaps her air of prosperity had impressed him. More likely, it was just a close-at-hand example of a country whose residents were mostly white. It is telling that other major media outlets had no problem confirming the story with their own sources. Nor did any of the Republican legislators there hurry to defend him. Senator Dick Durbin, Democrat of Illinois, who was present at the meeting, confirmed on Friday that Trump had not only “said these hate-filled things†but had also repeatedly used other words that were “hate-filled, vile, and racist.â€


The first statement from the White House did not deny the remarks; it just attacked “certain Washington politicians†who were, as the Administration saw it, fighting for “foreign countries†rather than for America. It was a reminder of the ways in which President Trump appears to view many entirely American communities as foreign. The White House statement went on to say that he wanted an immigration system based on “meritâ€â€”which was defined as, among other things, an ability to “assimilate into our great nation.†Is assimilation, in Trump’s view, a matter of commitment to the country—of patriotism—or of having a certain skin color, or religion? If you look the part, as Trump defines it, do you get the visa? Trump, in his past speeches on immigration, has rejected the idea that certain groups can ever assimilate—“Sometimes, it’s just not going to work out,†he said on the campaign trail—and has warned that immigration policies should favor people who “love†us, by which he may mean people who love Trump.


None of this is new to Trump. In announcing his candidacy, he talked about the drug dealers and the rapists Mexico was supposedly sending to America. While running for President, he questioned whether the Fourteenth Amendment really meant that children born in the United States to parents from places he didn’t approve of—shitholes, presumably—were citizens of this country. (It does; they are.) He has pushed scares about “anchor babies†and derided family reunification, which is part of the family story of countless Americans, as “chain migrationâ€â€”both metaphors conveying the notion that immigration is a weight, a shackle, an entangling burden holding America back, rather than the engine that has, and with any luck always will, propel it forward.


Trump, in his version of the meeting, spread over numerous Friday-morning tweets, complained that the “wall was not properly funded, Chain & Lottery were made worse and USA would be forced to take large numbers of people from high crime. . . .â€â€”there was a break between tweets here—“countries which are doing badly.†And, because he rarely misses an opportunity to accuse others of bad will, he added that the problem with dealing with protections for Dreamers and military spending and maybe everything else was “Democrats not being interested in life and safety.â€


In a tweet the night before, he had insulted the South London neighborhood where a new United States Embassy is located—he prefers the previous location, Mayfair—and announced that he was cancelling a trip that hadn’t actually been scheduled, because he didn’t approve of the deal or new building. (“Wanted me to cut the ribbon-NO!â€) But his ability to deride Western European allies and undermine foreign relations for the pettiest of reasons should not be taken as a sign that he is, as his apologists like to put it, an equal-opportunity insulter. The tweet also blamed Barack Obama for the London deal, which was initiated by the Bush Administration.


When Trump said, on Twitter, that his language was not as reported but was “tough,†one could only think of how he introduced his proposal for a “complete and total†ban on Muslims coming into the country to a cheering crowd at a rally in South Carolina in December, 2015: “Pretty tough stuff.†It is not nice that the President uses words like “shithole,†but that’s hardly the most serious problem. It’s that he speaks of and treats people of different races and religions, and also those who are simply not as fortunate as he is, in terms of the circumstances of their birth, as trash and waste. He sees “wretched refuse,†to borrow Emma Lazarus’s phrase, without having any conception of the respect and welcome, and the defiant pride, with which a nation of immigrants ought to imbue it. This is a matter of policy and not just, as some Republicans would have it, his rough style. That he also reportedly suggested that people in some Asian nations might be rich enough to merit a visa does not change that assessment; indeed, it amplifies it.


Such bigotry is not new, of course, in American history—it was central to the enslavement of millions of African-Americans, the denial of citizenship to Chinese-Americans, the internment of Japanese-Americans, and the scorn that earlier generations of immigrants faced. But Trump seems to glory in that past, whether in his remarks sympathizing with white supremacists in Charlottesville or in his interest, with regard to Guantánamo, in detention without due process. His dishonesty encompasses both the actual attributes of other countries and people and his own words.


“Never said anything derogatory about Haitians other than Haiti is, obviously, a very poor and troubled country,†Trump tweeted on Friday. (In December, the Times reported that, at another immigration meeting, he had described Haitians as all having aids.) The tweet continued, “Never said ‘take them out.’ Made up by Dems. I have a wonderful relationship with Haitians. Probably should record future meetings - unfortunately, no trust!†There is, indeed, no trust in the White House or around it. Instead, there are lies, and there is racism.



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For the avoidance of confusion, I could research and post the myriad of articles, that have been written, since Trumperbelle's latest racist comments. And there are plenty, even Fox has a few, that barely pull the punches.


I won't, as the previous post I think, covers all matters, pertaining to his racism and lies and self validation.

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This is too funny to ignore


Donald Trump’s ‘fake news awards’


"We should have a contest as to which of the Networks, plus CNN and not including Fox, is the most dishonest, corrupt and/or distorted in its political coverage of your favorite President (me). They are all bad. Winner to receive the FAKE NEWS TROPHY!" tweeted Nov. 27, 2017.


read all about it




"WARNING to White House staff: the president may be exempt from the rules at 5 CFR § 2635.701 et seq. on misuse of position BUT YOU ARE NOT. If you help @potus with the below, you risk violating §§ 702, 704 & 705 forbidding use of gov time & $$$ to harm some media & aid others," Norm Eisen, President Barack Obama's former ethics czar, tweeted on Jan. 7.

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While some of you non-USA citizens are so absorbed with putting Trump under the microscope...please

check out the following video which IMO is a million times more important....




Problem is she already lies in the first minute of the video. She claims the girls are forced to sleep with over 40 men a night! That is impossible. A night is only 8 hours. Even in 24 hours sleeping, forced or not, with 40 men is impossible. Let alone every day.


So this whole video starts of with a lie.



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