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A typical Scottish lassie. :liar:



Not the ones I've seen... :( Though there was a girl in my University, lived on my dorm floor as a matter of fact, who was heavily into the scottish dancing thing...great body...but never shared it with anyone...that useless bitch!

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Robert the Bruce Battle of Bannockburn letter discovered   The document was written by Robert the Bruce of Scotland to Edward II of England   A copy of an unknown Robert the Bruce letter from th

Yes, but with an Australian accent.

I think the judge must be dyslexic and put him on the sex offenders register for being a Cycle-Pathic Pedal-Phile!

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"The Haggis, once a common wild animal of the Scottish highlands and lowlands is now a very rare specimen indeed and is under threat of extinction. Unfortunately, unlike the plight of the Scottish Wildcat, Capercaillie, and Fat Sloth Munch, who are also under threat, this animal, for some unknown reason, does not have the same public appeal. Perhaps this is because not a lot is known about this unobtrusive and retiring shy wee beastie."




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