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?Letters from Issaan- End of story? Part 6 FINAL!


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I wrote the same thing yesterday, actually a longer version which was very, uh...moderating, but got bumped off the board, and as you know from our mail exchanges, haven't been able to get back on until now.




Really, this is a clash of personalities, and should be taken to PM or e-mail as KS has said. It adds nothing to Phoenix's fine posts.




Let's end this please.




BTW, thanks Phoenix for taking the time to write up your story and post it here.





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Thank you all for your feedback. I have never been very interested in justifying my behaviour, and I see no clear "right or wrong". I merely want to report my expereinces. Maybe someone learns from it. I for myself found that although other people's experiences are useful and informing, I really only learn by doing, even if that means sometimes doing things that in retrospect I find to be unwise.


I'll try not to judge others.




In my first "LFO-End of story", I promised that I'd repost my very first trip report, which describes my first trip to LOS, and meeting with NOK. In retrospect, I smile at my own naivity. But it is good to hold this next to the end of the story. I will publish it here in three parts under the Title "Letters from Issaan- how it began"




Old hands may have read it, but maybe a newbie can pick something up from it. The original title, nearly two years ago was "Newbie landed in LOS"





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