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2010-2011 Bowl Results


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Half time and the Razorbacks are in DEEP, DEEP "do-do". OSU defensive line stepped up its aggressiveness after the first couple of series and are beating the daylights out of Arkansas' offensive line. Razorback offense isn't gonna do crapola unless its receivers stop dropping passes.



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1:59 left but it seems this game is over in favor of TCU, 21-19. Congrats to them but I wanna say that whoever calls the plays for the Badgers is an idiot as they couldn't figure out that they couldn't pass over the middle and the protection sucked so they should have gone to quick slants, quick outs and screens. Then the brain surgeon who called a pass on the 2 point conversion at the end should be hung by his short hairs.


Big Ten sucked today.


Rose Bowl was the only game I managed to watch. My main impression was that Wisconsin got out coached. The 2 point conversion just typifies most of the game. You score on drive mainly done on the ground and then pass for the conversion.


Must have made sense to somebody. “Let’s outsmart them and throw the ball as they will think we will continue to do what has been successful for us so farâ€Â.


It was truly weird though watching a Rose Bowl with TCU playing. What the fuck is that about?




Hope I get a chance to watch the Auburn/Oregon BCS game, but looking at the TrueVison guide didn't show any replays at times I could watch.



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I think the total will be determined by the half time score. If its tied at the half, it will make it a cagey second half and a more conservative offense trying not to lose the game. Or if the score is within a field goal. We may see more field goals than going for a TD.


I haven't watched enough college football to really say for sure. I wonder which school has more team speed? That is very important. Oregon will cause Auburn problems because of how fast they run plays. I've read they try and run a play every 20 seconds. Auburn already has a shaky defense and it probably won't be able to make quick adjustments while the game is going on. However, the defense has improved a fair amount ever since the 2nd half of the 'Bama game. Can Auburn rush defense do the job? Oregon has a great running back. Can their defensive line control the line of scrimmage? Auburn's defense seems to get beaten in the air more than on the ground so I see an edge there.


Oregon's defensive issues seem to be to contain a big, quick Auburn offense. Cam Newton is an obvious but they do have other weapons and a good line.

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After all of the hype for this game, I expected much more out of both teams. I've seen a fair number of bowl games in the last two seasons; this isn't one of the better ones. :(


These two teams were playing better ball a few weeks ago. Tonight, I could see TCU or Wisconsin beating either of them.


Time for a playoff !!!

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