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lazyphil wrote: 'some unusual styles back then!'

Flashermac replied: 'Looking at the pics in my high school year book also makes me thinK ... "Yuck, the way we dressed!"


As people generally follow the current trends, so years later every generation reflects on the styles that were popular in their youth and is aghast. 'why did we wear..that!'


As fashions change over the ages we emulate them...simply to fit in with our peers.

Fad from the past were represented by paisley prints, plaid or bellbottom pants, Nehru jackets, zoot suits, gals petticoats, Fedora hats, broad shouldered and polyester suits, Converse shoes, etc., etc. And haircuts? Well no more ducktails, greased down hair, teased or beehive hairdos, and so on.


Yet, years later, all will repeat itself in some modified form....except maybe the fad of wearing backward facing baseball type hats. ;-)

The only thing I really miss is from the late 60's and early 70's...and that is the braless look! :drool::worship:


Some groups embrace styles from the past, but are often clueless about the generation they are copying. I'm thinking of today's backpackers, who follow the same paths as their fellow travelers, often with Dad's credit card. I find most backpackers to be the most boring and predictable folks I've encountered during my travels in Asia!


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Baht seems to be dropping in value. Down about 2% in the last week against the dollar...

Per my $$$ buddy...


The baht value has shown a weakness signal with the MACD moving in the positive area. We believe that the baht will continue to weaken in the short term with the resistance levels at 30.90, 31.20 and 31.40 Bt/USD. The support levels are at 30.40, 30.20 and 30.00 Bt/USD.

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Well youngin', that is George Jones singing both songs. :up:


The first one is "She's My Rock". His version hit #2 on Billboard in the 80's. Stoney Edwards got it in the top 20 on Billboard in the early 70's. Brenda Lee sang it as "He's My Rock" in the 70's.


The second one is "I Always Get Lucky With You".


Get your sorry ass over to the Central Valley and you'll be inundated with these twangy sounds. 555555555555


You can probably find both of these on YouTube by querying Jones and the titles.




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