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1 USD - 30.44 THB


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The problem is, if you buy it here in Australia at a bank or money exchange server you can bet you will loose 3-4 baht for each $1 AUD traded :susel:


I think KS has an advertiser who promises to minimise your losses on such a transaction. Nothing beats getting the onshore rate though. Always a hoot when they stop someone on Border Security with a hundred K in cash on them and a 'valid reason' : I'd really like to hear said reason ......


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I have an old school mate who works in customs, has done for over 20 years. He told me once that they got a call from Brisbane Treasury Casino that a young chinese lass, headed back to Honkers had won just over $500,000.00 from blackjack, they were convince that she was counting the cards.


Anyways, they asked customs to hold her why they were analysing there security footage in some vain hope of getting something on her. My mate told them, she has declared the money, to the last dollar (they physically had to count it) and there was nothing they could do but wish her a happy trip.


It's a lot of money to be carrying on a plane, but she probably got it back nice and safe. I would imagine, if she did it in Asia, there would be some gang waiting for her at the arrival airport :beer:

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