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Where to buy all things you find hard to get..


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This the Villa Market..opposite Emporium on Sukhumvit near soi 24..


Drinking with some guys the other day and they were after places to buy all things Farang..


Emporium is a huge department store selling just about everything ..this market has some things they don't carry and many items cheaper..worth a look..


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This is a weird thread. Anyone who has been in BKK longer than two weeks knows that for anything farang (of any nationality), you go to a) Villa soi 33, B) Emporium supermarket, c) Fuji supermarket or d) Carrefour.


In that order.


If not there, then a search is required. That is quite rarely needed.


Nowadays anyway. Y'all are just quite spoilt from even just ten years ago...

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