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not mention having breath that smells like that of a Hyena :)




5555555555. Yeah, that too! Halitosis big time. Something to do with the ketones (sp?) and the burning of body fat for fuel. Drink more water to flush your kidneys out. 8 to 10 10 ounce glasses of water a day over your waking hours, or more if you can. Piss your brains out on the high pro diet if you are doing it right. Need to flush the kidneys of the 'burnt fuel ashes'. There are a few versions of this sort of diet. My favorite was by Dr. Stillman. A precursor of the Atkins diet, and much stricter in truth. Make sure you take a good daily vitamin supplement as well.


To tell the truth this is a diet that mimics the way the human body was designed to survive winters in cold climates, or during famine times. We get fat and store fat for the lean times. Famine in hot weather climates, seasonal shortages of carbs in cold weather climes (you can still hunt for meat/protein in cold climes as long as the snow isn't too deep for movement), and you can hunt for the same in hot weather climates as well. Your body then gains its proteins, and burns the fat stored on your body as well to balance out what you can get get to eat. The human body is designed for this. So it can be an efficient way to lose weight. Better to eat sensibly over your lifetime though. But, we have so much, indulge a lot, lead sedentary lives now in our 'modern' times, that it is hard to do for many (myself included). Too much beer/alcohol, starchy foods/carbs, processed foods are available and easy to get (just a walk to the kitchen usually).


So this can be a diet used as a temp way to lose some weight which will make it easier for those who want to start exercising to do so. It also is a quick way to look better, which then gains one better self-esteem, which encourages the dieter to continue on to more weight loss and exercise.


I plan on doing my own version of this sort of diet in June/July or July/August. No more than 6 weeks max though for the stricter version.




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