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Italian food most popular worldwide, Thai food second!


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I would have thought that Chinese food would be the most popular in the world, after all there are 1.3 billion people in China who probably like it. :dunno:

It does refer to the favourite food served/bought in hotels. Most of the Chinese I know would walk outside to get food or bring it into the hotel in their baggage :beer:

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why dont maccys serve sausage and egg mcmuffins all day, the only thing i like there


They do in Hong Kong - only place I've found in the world where that great Scottish restaurant does 24 breakfasts!!


Great when staggering down Nathan Road pissed at 2.00am!! :drunk:

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A reality check is needed: where do you find good Thai food and good Italian food?


I live near Udon Thani and have NOT found either.

And we have tried ALL "upper scale" and many lower level Udon Thani restaurants.


I lived in Paris and have eaten top French food in a handful of places, so it goes for Italian/French/Thai restaurants I have eaten anywhere on the planet: one out of a hundred is worth coming back.


That is very unfortunate.


The best tom yam kung I eat is made by my Thai wife and I cook my own Italian food, not much other options available :cussing:

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In response to The_Munchmaster - Italian food most popular worldwide, Thai food second!


And after the 2500 travellers were interviewed, they all went over to McDonald's for a Whopper.


Whoppers are from Burger King... McD's has the Big Mac


I think I subtly said that about 10 posts back when I said 'Impossible', referring to Flash's post about going to McDon's for a Whopper. Oh well..........ignore again. I feel like I have a wife now.

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