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NFL contract liken to slavery.


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The NFL is under negotations with the player on how to split the pay. This idiot likens the players situation to slavery.


What pisses me the f*ck off is its a buzzword like the N bomb. I HATE when its used for situations that don't come even close to warrant it.


As a black guy it pisses me off because when buzz words like that are used too often it not only weakens it, it also slowly erodes true slavery.

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Yes, it's a shame that the true reality of slavery is diminished by contemporary individuals who in reality have been so privileged their entire lives that they have no perspective whatsoever.


One irony is that had these same individuals been born 70 years ago, they would not even been allowed to play pro sports.


Another irony is that these individuals, virile, strong young men - would have been the prized possessions of slave owners.


I would love to hear Jim Brown's thoughts.


Imagine what Jackie Robinson would have to say if he were still with us.

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