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ATM Scam: Helpful Person

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Mr Treherne claims that his Thai Military Bank (TMB) card was cleverly “skimmed†right behind his back as he used an ATM at the United Overseas Bank (UOB) on Rat-U-Thit 200 Pi Road in Patong on January 27.


In surveillance footage shown to the Gazette by Mr Treherne, he was seen using an ATM as a European-looking man wearing a baseball cap and sunglasses approached from behind.


After Mr Treherne received his cash, he walked away from the machine. The suspect then produced a 1,000-baht note and called to him.


“He said, ‘Hey, you’ve not gotten all of your money from the ATM. This just came out of it’,†Mr Treherne said.


“The guy sounded French. He explained that he had this problem before and told me that I needed to check my account to be sure everything was correct,†he said.


In the video, the suspect hovered around Mr Treherne, “helping†him with his “problem†as another man wearing a motorcycle helmet and carrying a shoulder bag approached an adjacent ATM.


In what appeared to be a very practiced maneuver, the “helper†managed to get possession of Mr Treherne’s ATM card and pass it to the man in the motorcycle helmet.


The second suspect then opened his bag and put the card inside, running it through a skimmer, Mr Treherne believes.


The card was then passed back to the helper who managed to get it back to Mr Treherne while he was still preoccupied with the ATM.




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Why would you allow a complete stranger to hold your card for you?


I am guessing it was not an ATM that retains your card until the transaction is complete but one where you swipe then enter PIN (video too slow here)

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The scammers prey on the old (see link below). They use a Lebanese loop to make your card jam in the machine. You don't "know" they are handling your card.. they palm it. You think its still stuck in the machine while they pass it back to the skimmer in the helmet.


Follow my advice in my original post regarding this scam some months ago


Lebanese loop scam




your mate may be interested to know that pattaya police caught the scammers re my original post.

It sounds like the same guys.


Two French fraudsters arrested


It would be worthwhile contacting Pattaya police to help him recover funds because your Thai bank won't.. especially Bangkok Bank.. useless and downright negligent.


-don't want to know if outside bank.. no insurance cover

-allowed multiple large withdrawals in same day despite preset limit

-don't issue card with non copyable microchip unles you ask.

-don't send SMS re withdrawals as some banks do

-ancient ATMs that aren't up to speed with scammers technology



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Actually nowadays all people have to do is walk by you and your card number is picked up by a mobile scanner they carry on there person To protect yourself from this you should cover your card in a secure sleeve.They protect your card from electronic eavesdropping. Check out


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