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During the American Silver war, silver got up to almost $3.00 an ounce. Bt 1881 it was over $1.00 an ounce. When the Great Depression happened, silver was worth about $.25 (a quarter).


I suspect the price is rising because the dollar is worth less. But silver could end up becoming a demon like real estate in the USA has become if the value drops dramatically.

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The "experts" are saying that as the US dollar continues to decline, precious metals will go up.

Since the US credit rating was cut (last week?) by S&P, the dollar has weakened and precious metals have gone up. What gold over $1500?


I bought silver coins just as a backup to have a hard currency if/when things really hit the shitter.

So far my investment is up 50% in a few months, so smiling about that but no intentions to sell and reap the profit.


I like gold, but just too darn expensive. $1500 and all you get is a little bit (1 oz.). Of course if/when it hits $2000, that will be another story!

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I think your yearly percentages are a little low. I bought some 100 oz. bars of silver a year ago Feb. for $15 and change. And 6.25% for gold is more like a year to date figure. I was going to import 1 yr. gold chart but I'm incompetent.

Soi biker







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