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3 teenagers smash country`s entire values

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Gentlemen ,


with utmost dusgust I have to read in today´s papers that 3 teenagers did indeed dance topless on a pickup somewhere at Silom Load over Songkran .


As the Thai Cultural minister so rightly says : This incident was an affront against the country`s traditions and values . Added Bangrak District Officer Limcharern : It hurts the image of Thailand , in particular Silom .


Let us just summon the country`s values as observed be frequent falang visitor bubi:


Top national value being the exploitation of the country by a bunch of members of the public life who have declared corruption the national value No.1 . Followed by the unwillingness to stop all sorts of well knows decades old tourist scams within a few hours if only somebody wanted . Developing the individual by promoting people into the lower ranks of the government after they have murdered a policeman in a public bar .


Khun Limcharern could in fact do something for the values at the river end of Silom by arresting the diamond scammers who have been there for year .



To name just a few national values facing a more than serious threat by the aforementioned teenagers . Let us join National Police Commissioner Pojphosri calling for action against the " topless revellers and their cheering crowds " .


I propose to locate the cheering crowd whereever it might be at the moment and give it a life sentence . The values are under threat .







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Someone in the comments thread to the Bangkok Post article about the topless dancing girls made what I thought to be an excellent observation – concerning the Thai Ministry of Culture website: http://www.m-culture.go.th/pic_headweb/h70411182300.swf




Topless Thai women “cultural performers†are a long-standing and honored cultural tradition in Thailand!



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Maybe they were doing a cultural reinactment

I know in Fuzzy Wuzzy land girls can walk around topless if they are in traditional clothing....even in hotel lobby where i have stayed

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When I look at the video, I count 5 topless gals. That's a total of 10 tits. And each pair was bared for as long as 3 to 5 minutes!


The Japanese tsunami is nothing compared to this. :shakehead


Is suggest we undertake to find these misguided ladies, take them into our homes and try to teach them proper behaviour. :beer:


p.s. I get the one with the big boobs! :D





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