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And people who discuss governments / politics on Internet forums

Kofi Annan died today, previous Secretary General of the UN. A most remarkable person within the limited possibilities of his job. When I celebrated my 50th birthday ( not long ago,  lots of laughter

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Formula 1 will end the long-standing practice of using walk-on grid girls, commencing with the start of the 2018 FIA Formula 1 World Championship season.


Which will put about 25% of women who appear in news articles out of work, they are all described as Models

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Fucking PC do gooders. Yet they will still continue with Miss Universe and Victoria Secret show without hesitation.

World has gotten pretty sad when they can the pit girls. Who's going to hold the umbrellas?

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F1 is having enough trouble as it is, with predictable races, smaller teams struggling to stay in business etc. Plus they are talking about going all electric cars in the future. So what's the answer? Ditch the pit girls, that should bring the viewers fans flocking back.

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Wouldn't happen on Bernie's watch :wink:

I have done the Malaysian the last few years and the pit girls were quiet a highlight :hubbahubba:



Vietnam appears to be on track to get a slot on the Formula One calendar with sources suggesting there could be an announcement about a street race in the south-east Asian country in the coming weeks.

This emerged from a busy day of meetings in London yesterday beginning in the afternoon with a gathering of the Formula One Promoters Association in the Sofitel London St James hotel. In 2012 this author broke the news about the creation of the association which represents F1’s 21 race organizers. Their meeting yesterday was followed by a dinner appointment with Liberty Media Corporation which owns F1 and is listed on the Nasdaq with the ticker FWONK.

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