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Questions about organ donating in LOS

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I was just comparing western standards to some third world countries. India comes to my mind, rightly or wrongly, as a place where someone could sell one of their kidneys, or possibly wake up after being given a mickey without one of their kidneys. In other words, a place where organs can be bought and sold in an underground market. Of course, in the west, those strict practices are not 100% followed. For all I know, Steve Jobs gave a couple of million to the U.C. at Berkley to help build a building at their medical center. Institutions usually want to take care of donors first. But, I'd bet the rules for who gets a donor organ are followed 95% of the time.

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To cavanami:


Intensive care at Samitivej including doctors charges and all other charges for foreign non-residents (and they assume all foreigners are non-residents) whith insurance (again, they assume all foreigners have insurance) costs 50000 - 100000 Bt per day (thats fifty thousand to one hundred thousand)


do you know a foreigner who got the price of 6000-8000/d? Please let me know how he got that price.


Lampang provincial hospital will cost 1/7 of this price or less, so here cavanami is not far off the mark, esp. for a Thai patient.



To OP:

you are a bit naive:

"in the west, strictly on need/waiting list"

Wanna guess how Steve Jobs got his transplant?


Here, it's not just the money that counts, its connections. Of course, the rich tend to be better connected.

An example: if the Thai Red Cross has two units of a rare blood group (blood transfusions being the most common form of transplants), the next day zero units, the next day 2 units again and so on over a week or so... how come all these rare transfusions often end up at a patient who happens to be at Bumrungrad? And not one who is in Buriram Hospital?

But then they may just as well end up in Chula, and there they have all kinds of patients...

You can talk with this individual that was paying 6000 Baht / day in IC on most Friday meet ups. The 6000 is for a bed in IC, no doctor fee, maybe meals, no meds, etc.

At the time, he only needed a bed. If they do dialysis, extra cost, monitoring equipment connected to you, extra costs. He did not have insurance the hospital knew this, maybe made a difference? Also, this was about two years ago, so maybe prices went up, but I don't think they are now at 50K a day. I think the dialysis was like 8000 Baht a session, which could be 8 hours long.

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Sell a kidney, get an iPad 2.


A 17-year-old boy in China sold his right kidney to buy the sought-after tablet, Chinese media reports.


The boy, known only by his last name Zheng, said he sold the organ in response to an online ad.


The part was removed in hospital.


Organ traffickers paid the boy $3,400 and he bought an iPad 2 and a laptop.


His mother became suspicious when she saw her son's new electronics and noticed his fresh scar.


Police are investigating.


Reports say the boy's health is deteriorating and he regrets the organ sale.


lfpress.com Maybe, I should have listed the Chinese ahead (or, depending on your perspective, behind) of India.

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