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Visa extension

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Realized the other day we were staying for 35 days this visit...so we need to go out and return or get an extension..


So of the Immigration office ..it is within a huge complex that houses the lands department and the national statistical office to name some...


The whole thing took just over one hour...and 1900 tb



You need photo copy of your passport plus a copy of the page that has your departure card stapled in it as well as a 2 inch photo..


The place is very very busy ..but many different ques so you get seen..now lunch is 12 till one ..so go early..


Fill in the form ..a one page simple document..

Make sure you have all those photo copies ..as the machine there is two floors down and a good five minute hike both ways ..


I was asked why not go in and out ..he was most helpful..said if i go back next week he will get me 60 days..and told me how to get the one year one as well ..not ready for that one just yet..


All in all a very good and easy process...if only need 7 days that is..



Very modern building ..two pics from outside...

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...the only pond inside ..would be the mens room :neener:


BTW ..today and until Friday there is a huge market setup right in the middle of the building...selling Som Tum to kitchen goods ....nowhere else in the world could you setup a stall to flog goods in the middle of a Government building... . :neener:


The poor guy on the X ray machine must be enjoying it all....



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I recall a thread on the new Immigration place some time back, and a lot of folk complaining about the location. It certainly is a monster - suprised they let you take photos. The Australian Embassy has a sign forbidding photos - as I've posted previously, it is one forbidding, 'we dont want to see the plebs' type of place. I was so envious when I saw the Phillipines Embassy on Suk - sure its rundown and in dire need of some love, but so much more welcoming.

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