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A couple of book reviews


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Stephen Leather 3 Books

The Basement, Once Bitten, The Dreamers Cat


$5.99 for all 3 on kindle - Amazon



If you've been a fan of Stephen Leather for as long as I have you would have read the Basement off his website when it was free along with Private Dancer, and one or two others. Still a great read, even the missus enjoyed it. Serial Killer/kidnapping, cops, that kind of thing, written in 1st and 2nd person narrative which makes it interesting. Not a long read, but a real page turner - keeps you in the story from beginning to end. As usual, great twists and turns.



I loved this book. Not your usual vampire story, guy meets girl, girl turns out to be a vampire. Government conspiracies involved. A lot different to Leather's normal genre - again the missus loved it, but not as much as the Basement. Bit of romance, twists and turns. Again, not a massive read, but fast paced and keeps you interested.



Not a big fan of sci-fi/fantasy since my school days, but this is another great read. Futuristic setting, the main character makes sort of Virtual Reality "movies" which the viewer participates in. Making the movies, or laying down the discs as it's put, sends most "Dreamers" crazy over time. Our hero has a make believe cat which helps him stay sane, and his job is to find out why other Dreamers have died while laying down their discs. The cat warns him of dangers throughout. I found this book exciting, the missus didn't like it much. Maybe because she's more a dog person, maybe because of the violent scenes involved, including a few rape scenes which are fairly graphic. Another great story, again - twists.


Also included are a couple of short stories. They weren't bad - a whodunnit set in Singapore, and one titled "Banging Bill's Wife" which is a good giggle, and as usual there are twists in the short ones as well.



All three books, and the two short stories are quite a bit different from the usual Stephen Leather novels, but just as good nonetheless.



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IVRRAC - Peter Robert Jordan


99c on Kindle - Amazon


Also available in paperback for around $15



Another futuristic type novel, set in New Zealand. Simon is a serial killer who's just been caught and sent to IVRRAC who claim they can re program his mind to stop killing, and have him released back into the community within 6 months. Apart from six months being a light(!) sentence for seven murders, I really like this book.

This story is about those 6 months. Excellent character development, and well written, although there are a few grammatical errors. The way the characters intertwine is interesting, and well done. I love a good twist, and there are a few in this book.


A bit of action, some romance and comedy. A good fun, easy read.



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Bangkok Bob and The Missing Mormon - Stephen Leather


$3.99 from Amazon on kindle, $12.44 paperback


I enjoyed Bangkok Bob immensely. Not your usual Stephen Leather crime story but not too far off it. The character of Bangkok Bob Turtledove was likeable straight away, as were his friends. Leather captures the atmosphere of Bangkok unbelievably well, and anyone who's been there will see it.

Incredibly well written, as usual. Flows great, and intertwining stories and scenarios fit in well.


Would have given 5 stars, but there were a few noticeable typo's and I felt the ending was a bit rushed, albeit well written.



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