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I stopped watching American football a long time ago. The first reason I feel guilty about. I fell in love in with 'football' (soccer). It completely took me over. I was fully enthralled and stopped watching American sports for the most part except for championship games...sometimes.


The second was that it was easy to stop watching the NFL because the games became too damn long. I recall in my childhood the games were 2 hours. Maybe 2:15 if you had a close game. Now its 3 hours and the superbowl takes like 4 or 5 hours. The flow of the game has stopped. They stop the game for every little thing. I watched a live feed of a game once with no commercials and it was the boring as hell. What happened to the game I loved as a kid? The other reason are the players themselves. They over hype themselves and its about them not the team. Players move around so much you don't have that one player that is identifiable with one team any more. You thought of Unitas you automatically thought of the Colts. You thought of OJ and you thought of..well, okay before you thought of double homicide you thoght of the Bills and so on. Now? Fahgetaboutit.


I haven't seen the Super Bowl in about 4 years...and when I did I was at a Super Bowl party trying to game chicks.

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I have a friend who went to Alabama (yes, I know ... hiss, boo etc) in the 1950s. His kids took him to watch a game in the 1990s. He told me he wondered why everything would stop quite regularly and the players just stand around. The kids told him, "You're so out of date. They are waiting for the TV commercials to end." That must be why games take so long now. :p




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Just booked my season TV pass for the NFL @ $121 AUD, which is exceptional value.


You get every game live, and can watch every game on HD reply.


Even if I watch 6 games a week, that is 36 baht a match, good to sit home in comfort and get 7/11 beer and in-service :beer:

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