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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Sanzaka Health Club

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Guest HonoluluJimmy

Formally of Washington Square now of Thonglor Soi 6 local.. I did the treck from the Thonglor BTS to the local. A long walk but even more difficult was dodging all the street cafes and food carts.


the place is well se in that each treatment room has its own washing area etc. Same Same up to that point but the spa portion has gone down. No Pun There were few hot towels so you salt parched skin didn't get the treatment needed etc. the massage was too short as the lady kept leaving the room for 5 min at a time... For additional massage work she had what was stated to be a standard tipping system... about 3 time the Wash Sq amount. I'll give it a try gain on Wed to seeif I just have a bad day etc. But I will now state that Akane on Chit Loam is a far better spa. The washing and skin rejuvination is now better that Saz. That was not the case in past where Akane excelled in post washing massage treatment. Tippng scale you can expect the same as always at Akane and at least 100% higher in Saz

And as always the staff at Akane is wll above the Saz herd!

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