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London Rioters: 'showing The Rich We Do What We Want'


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This is truly sad .... they are saying .... "it is the governments fault" and next they say they do not even know who is in government. These girls should be forcefully having their reproductive organs removed so they cannot have any offspring.




A BBC journalist has spoken to two girls that took part in Monday night's riots in Croydon, who boasted that they were showing police and "the rich" that "we can do what we want".


The pair were drinking wine looted from a local shop at 09:30 BST the following morning.

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Some of the problems might be as a result of a lack of education. Some of these people seem to be incoherent in that of trying to express themselves in a way so they can be understood.


They are an feral underclass that is the result of successive governments lack of action in sorting out these problems. The poster who mentioned sterilizing the girls was'nt far off the mark. They breed like rats with a different father for each kid all sitting around on benefits building up problems for the future.

Flash I'd send in the Paras and tell them to go in hard with pick axe handles. If that still does'nt stop the nonsense then send in the Gurkhas, with drawn kukris of course!


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I doubt military action would do any good, these people wouldn't stand and fight like many legitimate demonstrators do, they have no cause, they are just a pack of drunken thieves.

If the police or army arrived in force they would just go home.

Hopeful fantasies of them standing around waiting to be clubbed are just that, fantasies.


I've been saying the same thing for years... and been constantly howled down by the outraged Right, there are no jobs for these people even if they wanted to work, many are third generation unemployed and have no understanding of anything remotely resembling a work ethic.


There is NO quick fix solution... cut their dole off? Sure, then you really will see a crime rate.

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