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Retiring In The Provinces ....

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For me, living in the Provinces would require:


decent living quarters, windows with screens, no dirt floor, etc

air con

a good as possible internet access

access to close by big store shopping

a place close by to exercise and swim

a place close by to meet up on occasion with other farangs


activities to keep busy so as not to be bored to death and end up living in a bottle!


...to name a few items...

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I have all those Cav, except the formal exercise routine, I just walk my dog a couple of times a day.

The bigger hotels all have pools and I've heard of gyms around.


There's a fairly big Farang contingent, some admittedly ThaiVisa organised, a pot luck and a "biker gang" and an enthusiastic Hash group.


I don't know what you want to keep you active, the sanuk scene is mainly Thai and there's plenty of places to drink with expats.


The living quarters thing is a bit silly, whatever you are living in now you will get for a lot less in Chiang Rai.


Edit: And another thing, you're in Bangkok in about an hour on several flights a day.

See the "How do I get from Swampy to Sukhumvit" threads for up to date info there... B)

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I lived in the north for 5 years and never saw snow. But hail is another matter! I have seen the ground covered several inches deep in pea-size hail stones. Also, in your typical Thai house whatever temperature it is outside, it also is inside. My mother-in-law gave me a heavy quilt, which I was quite happy to use a few nights in the winter. In the far north in the "cool season", don't be surprised to see farm folks sitting inside wrapped in blankets and huddled around a charcoal stove. All they need are feathers in their hair to look like an American Injun pow-wow.


p.s. There are usually a few reports of water freezing on the mountains in Loei every winter.




Thailand temperature extremes:


Bangkok 9.9 40.8

Pattaya 14.6 37.3

Phuket Town 16.9 37.8

Koh Samui 18.6 36.5

Surat Thani 12.4 39.8

Narathiwat 17.1 39

Chiang Mai 3.7 42.4

Chiang Rai 1 41.3

Udon Thani 2.5 43.9

Ubon Ratchathani 7.6 42.4

Sakon Nakhon -1.4 42.3

Dan Sai -1.5

Uttaradit 4.5 44.5

Doi Inthanon -8

Mt. Luang Chiang Dao -9



My link

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Guest lazyphil

i did a 7 day trek in the hills around chaing mai area in feb sometime ago and it was definitly long trouser/pullover temps in the morning and sleeping bag at night...

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i did a 7 day trek in the hills around chaing mai area in feb sometime ago and it was definitly long trouser/pullover temps in the morning and sleeping bag at night...


i have to agree with ks,i like the 4 seasons even if they tend to blend together in the uk.

once in his home country i saw people skating on the water but i did'nt feel that cold.

next day after a late night/heavy session on the schnapps i declined my room-mates offer of breakfast and had a lie-in.

i eventually went on the balcony for a cigarette in just my boxer shorts and locked myself out of the room.

after what seemed hours he returned and after spending a long time pissing himself with laughter he let me back in.

at that time i certainly knew what cold was like...........

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Hua Hin is nice. A little laid back.

Chiang Mai might be a better bet for weather. Fresh mountain air.

There's a couple of bad months in the North, we get heavy smoke pollution, not only locally produced but drifting down from China, Burma and Lao. This mainly occurs after January and lasts until the wet season begins.

I always planned to retire near a beach and I'm not sure where it would be in Thailand if I had to start over. I think Hua Hin is over rated, just a personal take, I preferred the long empty beaches down south of Hat Yai.

Different problems down there of course.

I'd probably move to the Philippines... Sabang Beach/Peurto Galero was nice...

I really don't need night life, as a former drunk I now find the company of drinkers a pain in the arse. :confused:

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