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My 2Nd Racist Pattaya Trip Report

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The last time I posted a trip report, I think it was back in 2009 and it was my 1st trip back to Pattaya in a few years. I ranted with racist tinged sentences about the amount of arabs and indians milling about and implored all you white falangs to 'take Pattaya back'. Not my proudest moment, particularly so coming from a black guy. This post won't help either.


This time there are even more and the situation has gotten untenable. My problem now is with the young arabs or I should say moslems because the story I am about to report the guy seemed Turkish. The problem with a lot of the young moslems is that they can't control themselves. The girls have said they treat them a bit shabbily and I've seen Indians, Moslems and such similar types talk down to cashiers at the 7-11 as well. I've long heard how underlings and the poor are treated in their countries so I'm not suprised. Anyway, there are so many of these young guys in the club they are rude and arrogant. Maybe coming from socially repressed areas makes them act so (but to be fair it hasn't stopped loads of Americans, Brits and others from more socially liberal countries as well). I almost got into a fight with one guy. He seemed Turkish but its a guess on my part.


First of all, those that know me, will tell you I'm affable. I love meeting new people. Even moslems. I hung out with a Lebonese-Aussie a couple years ago (this written in lieu of the 'some of my best friends are'....). Anyway, I'm there with a girl and this guy, he was a big one too. Obviously works out, about 6'2", possibly 260lbs to 280lbs. I'm about 5'9", maybe 185lbs. Anyway, I'm enjoying myself he was next to my standing table where you stand with a few girls. My girl gave me some water and maybe some of it got on one of the girls ankle. I have to assume because she turned around, frowned and wiped her ankle. He saw her face stepped over and did some sort of hand motion meaning to stop. I'm thinking 'Stop what?' Talking to your girl? I have my own fine thank you and although she's not the best looker in the place, she's with me. My guess is he's showing off for the girls. I hate public shows of aggression against me so I clicked into Philly mode and my eyes got dark and I gave him a 'What are you gonna do' look. Obviously hoping if he does anything the staff would break it up before I have too much damage. lol. Now, Chocolat Steve is a lover not a fighter. However, I've been in more fights than I have been in love. I can't fight. I had the luxery of being one of the youngest of many brothers who were much bigger and tougher than everyone in our neighborhood. Which left me to my educational pursuits. The fights I've been in were when friends and I were in the wrong party in the wrong neighborhood, etc. and I always got stuck with a guy much bigger than me. My win-loss record is ot good. The wins I did have my older brothers said didn't count. The few fights I got into when I went to a white upper middle class suburban HS they said 'you don't get points for eating up white boys from the 'burbs', they don't count'. For me they did, and I didn't start those either, some took offense to a black guy going to their school and used very colorful terminology. lol


Anyway, some were acting up on the dance floor. It was packed and one guy tried to make a small circle so he and his bg could put on a show that no one wanted to see. He used his arms I happened to be dancing and I didn't like being pushed and gave him the Philly stare. Its automatic. Its an inner city black mechanism that is like cat's claw or rattlesnakes rattle, it comes out when threatened or perceived threat. There are so many of these guys I think they now think its 'their' town. I really do.


Now, don't get me wrong. Other ethnicities have done this in other cities and circumstances. I stopped going to most inner city dominated clubs years and years ago. Talk about alpha male aggressives. Whenever a new nice black spot opens up in the 'hood or even in the main club areas, we count the time till the thugs find out and we have to find a new one. Italian-Americans have done the same. The 'guido' types we used to call them. Its impossible to avoid bumping into someone in a packed club. When I was growing up many Italians thought there needed to be some sort of force shield around them. The normal bumping that goes whe you're trying to pass in a club 100 people over the fire code limit they took it as some sort of personal offense. You always knew the ones who couldn't fight because their response to anything was 'Do youse know who I am with?' Which always means I'm too scared to fight and I hope you back down and I have a cousin named Gotti but he has no relation to the real one. They play the mafia card, blacks play the thug card. We all have our cards to play.


I digress as usual. I'm gonna have to find a new spot possibly. Maybe its just my residual anger of putting up with a holes.

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Oh, forgot to include some other stuff. There are a whole bunch of good lookig white women in Pattaya. The vast majority Russian but I've heard some other accents as well. Tons of blondes. I'm gonna try for one of them. I'll report later. Its slow season so many of the stunners are looking for short term prospects. The word I was told was that its easy pickings even the possibility of a freebie for black guys at The Mixx, Lucifers, as well as one or two other dance clubs. This was told to me by a black guy so it may or may not be true. I will say though that I got stares. There is supposedly a crew of girls who love to bang 'brothas'. Hip hop has gotten very big. The cashier where I go to eat breakfast each morning wants my number to go dancing. I rent a room above a go go and I went along with 4 of the girls after hours to the club and now I'm getting propositioned by a couple of the girls. Word of mouth is the best advertisement. :bang: Truth is in my teen years I was a fairly good hip hop dancer. Some things die slowly with age. hehe


Anyway, the white girls are not getting as much attention as they would back in falangland (except perhaps by some of the moslems who like blonds probably more than black guys do..lol). I will see what's up in the next few days.


The 'scene' has gotten somewhat old. It happens to many of us at varying stages. Some of us its after the 10th trip, some the 100th.


Every trip I meet interesting people and this one is no different. The one thig that has helped in conversation to break the ice is my love for football (soccer). In fact, one very drunk Scot went across the street to his room and came back with a Rangers shirt for me! I'll wear it proudly. They are my SPL team. up the 'Gers!

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Steve - a tip from a buddy back in Peace Corps days. He was a Bangkok volunteer and used to go to Pattaya several weekends a month. He told me he was picking up western air hostesses right and left in Pattaya. Once in a while, he'd nail a tourist for variety. He said they were so starved for attention in Thailand that it was easy. He seldom had to rent a room in Pattaya, just staying with his "friend". Of course, he was into white women. I never was after I set foot in SE Asia.

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Thanks for the tip Flash, concidentally, I heard 5 russian girls say 'chocolate' and looking at me and I went over and said the only russian I know which translates to 'How are you, I am Steve'. Not the best looking russian girls but it was a pleasant convo.

I got hi jacked outside by a local Thai girl who had very good english and spoke a little black american slang. Turns out she was one of those that hungout with and dated exlclusively black guys. She invited me to the beach today. Not excited about it. I'm not going after countless 'brothas'. I know I can't satisfy her...haha.

Slow season is fun though. Some of the stunners who are sponsorless are a little desperate. One absolute cutie with a smile that could melt ice that I liked near me I chatted up and said 'so, whats it gonna take for me to see you outside of here?' She started talking about how hard I gotta try before she'd leave. Turned me completely off. I say hi and bye since that encounter a few days ago. Other guys fall for that but this is f*cking Pattaya. I need p*ssy, i just don't need your p*ssy. Maybe sour grapes but i guarantee you the sex won't be all that either.


I am going out with a cashier though. Sweet local kid. I will be a complete gentleman...unless she makes a move first. :hubbahubba:

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