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What's Changed Since 1979?

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I came here when I was young enough to carouse a few times a week and still hold a job. No way I could do that now. :p


The mid '80s really is when things were booming. The laws were tolerant and bars could get away with full nudity without problems. It was almost unusual to see a dancer wearing a top even in the most conservative bars. That really lasted until Purachai started doing his crackdown. Thanks, Thaksin, for appointing the fanatic. :(


The '70s were fun because the nightlife was much smaller and you could get to know the BGs as friends, not just customers. Since I could speak Thai, I was something of a novelty and BGs would sit with me to talk about whatever bothered them. I learnt a lot about their lives that way, sometimes more than I wanted to know. I had regular MP girls, which made getting a massage an adventure. I was a regular at the Chawala, which was a real MP and the girls weren't supposed to screw around. But they did for their favourites. ;)


Ah, to be young again ... :(

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