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No, I haven't discovered a venue that specialises in this, er, very special form of female ejaculation, but I sometimes flash back to my time with a Japanese lass who was alternately embarrassed and euphoric by her ability to soak my sheets. I was more concerned by the fact that she sounded for all the world as though she was being murdered during sex - way too loud in a suburban setting - but she was mortified by her ability to shoot fountains high into the air. Its not urine - at least it doesnt smell like it - and I have no idea where it originates from, but she remains the only girl I've been with who comes in such a profound and unmistakable fashion. The catch was that her ejaculation was accompanied by an incredible tightening of everything from her navel down - almost a spasm - and a concerted attempt to expel whatever was inside her at the time. She could repeat this for hours on end : quite a show. I assume that there are similarly capable women all over the world - just havent run into any, short of the usual 'pee-pee' antics of certain Soi 4 regulars and that has never really been my thing. Darts, pingpong balls, peeling bananas etc is all a sideshow compared to the female ejaculator, at least IMO. There's 'wet' and there's 'ok, I may have to buy a new mattress' :clown:


I guess I've led a sheltered life ;)

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Yeah. The one and only...Pussy Squirting Carly!


I "came across" this admirable young woman quite by accident years ago whilst innocently googling for some hardcore porn. Anyway, she seems to enjoy her work. Calls herself "Pussy Squirting Carly" — and, no, she's not a veterinarian trivia fans — which news may aready have alerted the more savvy among you to the fact that the links below are not safe for work, soft lad.


Here's old Carly relaxing on her day off: Go Get 'Em Carly!


She picks her moment. Wait for it... Wait for it... Fore!


And here's Carly's own site, As she says in her own words, "Cum inside and see why they call me the Squirting Sensation!!!": Ready, Steady... Thar she blows!


Had two good wanks already today :relieved: with old Carly on the screen, and am contemplating a third as I type, thank you kindly. :relieved:


Yes, yes, yes.


jack :help:


PS. Mind you, you might want to wear some goggles if you're trying it at home with the missus, fellers: this poor bloke wishes that he had. Incoming!

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It is most definitely not urine. I had one regular girl in the US who was a mega-squirter, and trust me, I got that stuff enough times in the face and all over the bed to know it wasn't urine, haha.


I've had exactly two in Thailand. Always a pleasure to run into them, I think it's way hot.

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Horses for courses, Flash, but the lactation thing has never done it for me. Pregnant women ? Sure, particularly Japanese women for some reason, but breast milk is a taste I have yet to acquire.


I dont dare type any more, as the prospect of finding a pregnant squirter on the Net has probably tipped poor old Jack right over the edge for the fifth time today ;)

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